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Old tank for babies?
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Joined: 05 Feb 2003
Location: AZ

PostPosted: 2003.08.21(Thu)18:26    Post subject: Old tank for babies? Reply with quote

I'm thinking about setting up my bronze cories to spawn, but before I start, I need a place to house the babies, obviously.

In the garage, we have a 2.5 gallon "tank" that housed a betta for a few months; the betta was moved to a larger tank, and I used the 2.5 for ich treatment. The fish with ich died, and were disposed of: the ornaments in the tank were thrown away, and the tank was washed with hot water.

For at least four months, the 2.5 gallon has been left outside in the garage. Is it safe to use for cory fry, or should I use my three gallon that was never used as quarantine?
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Joined: 29 Jun 2003
Location: San Luis Obispo, CA

PostPosted: 2003.08.21(Thu)18:58    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm sure if you just wash it out with a highly diluted bleach solution and lots and lots of water it will be fine, but I've never tried it. anyone else have a suggestion?
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Joined: 05 Feb 2003

PostPosted: 2003.08.22(Fri)8:54    Post subject: Reply with quote

There's no need to use bleach, and I wouldn't risk that. It has been stored without water or fish, so any organisms are long dead.
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