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not to be too gorish, but...
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Joined: 16 Jun 2003

PostPosted: 2003.08.17(Sun)10:21    Post subject: not to be too gorish, but... Reply with quote

Aside from separating the pregnant females, and not having them cavort with the males, what
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Joined: 11 Jun 2003
Location: Holland

PostPosted: 2003.08.17(Sun)11:18    Post subject: Reply with quote

well the most natural way is adding fish that will eat the fry like angels, most of the cichlids etc.

also a natural way is letting some fish be eaten by a land-predator (like the common housecat Twisted Evil ), but I wouldn't recommend that method Very Happy
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Joined: 27 Feb 2003
Location: Buffalo, NY

PostPosted: 2003.08.17(Sun)13:27    Post subject: Reply with quote

Usually finding somthing that eat's them is the best way. From what I've seen in a community tank, all but 1 or 2 get eaten in every batch. However, if you have room you may want to start a small cichlid tank, such as ram's or something. This way you can have cheap food and take care of your problem @ the same time.
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Joined: 06 Feb 2003
Location: Winston-Salem, NC

PostPosted: 2003.08.17(Sun)14:20    Post subject: Reply with quote

Really, as soon as you're OK with the fact these livebearer offspring can be used as feederfish, it's just a matter of making that happen. Angelfish are often kept with a few livebearers, as they like to eat the young fry. However, you seem to have a lot of livebearers. I'm a bit afraid adding some cichlids would throw off the tank as it is. If you're willing to kind of restructure your tanks, you could kind of shift the focus to some cichlids and use the live bearers as other fish in the tank and as a constant food supply. First, select only a few adult livebearers to keep in the big tank. Next, turn in all the other livebearers (young, fry, unused adults) to a pet store and hopefully get some store credit for them. Finally, pick out an appropriate species of cichlid (or fry eating fish) and introduce them to the tank. Use the 10 gallon if you ever want to save and raise any live bearer young.

Now, a word on the list of cichlids I'm about to give you. The thing with cichlids is that in small groups they can also have aggression problems between each other. If you get two and they're not a pair, they'll probably have one that picks on the other...which can be fatal. Even in a group of three there's often an 'odd man out' game that can be fatal. So, my favorite way to keep any of these fish in a tank your size is to buy a group of 5, raise them until a pair emerges, and trade the other 3 back into the store. However, that may create the problem of more fry for you...but if you let the parents try to raise them it probably won't be a problem.

This isn't a complete list, but it is some pretty easy to find options...

-Rams (although they're not as hardy as the others...need good water conditions)
-Apistos (ditto as the rams)

* I recommend those last two with some hesitation. I've had good experiences before, but they may tear up the finnage of your live bearers if/when they mate.
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