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Joined: 06 Feb 2003

PostPosted: 2003.08.15(Fri)20:26    Post subject: Stream....possible? Reply with quote

My biggest pond(named "geniusly by me Big Pond Rolling Eyes ) has a small waterfall on it. I'd imagine if you lengthened a waterfall, it would eventually become a stream.

Now for the questions.

How would one go about making such a thing?

Would it stay cooler than a still water pond?

What fish would be suitable?(I was thinking hillstreams if the pond gets shade....though it may get kinda warm during the summer)
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Joined: 06 Feb 2003
Location: Houston, Texas

PostPosted: 2003.08.16(Sat)10:08    Post subject: Some considerations Reply with quote

There was a discussion of this in a pond forum that I used to visit, here are a few of the considerations I racall.

1 - containing the volume when the power is off. All the water that is in the stream will continue to run downhill and might overflow the pond when it reaches the lowest level. Also, what happens to the stream fish then?

2 - evaporation will be very large, You might need an automatic refill to keep it stable, but then chlorime is an issue.

3 - leaks are often a problem in waterfalls, streams are just that much longer, both on the plumbing side and the actual stream. You really need to be aware of how much a 5% per day leak/evaporation loss might run you (ie pump volume 300 gph could lose 15 gph or 10,800 gallons per month -- Ouch!)

4 - overflows due to leaves are a more immediate problem and could divert the entire stream overnight. Include in this catagory mischief from racoons disconnecting piping or little boys or mowers.

So, you'd probably want to not run 24/7 unless the stream was a very small fraction of the actual pond volume. You'd probably want to build in many retaining ponds to minimize overflow issues. You'd probably need to include a low water shut off for the pump. You'd have to be very careful when constructing to have all the water contained, redirected back into the stream if diverted, and plumbing secure.

People who do have this have to be certain that the upstream fish can be OK if they end up downstream.
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Matt Shandorf

Joined: 23 Apr 2003
Location: MN

PostPosted: 2003.08.24(Sun)16:44    Post subject: Reply with quote

If you construct the stream so that it pools in a few spots,
You shouldn't have to many problems with
water overflowing your pond. I wouldn't know about temp variations; since we live in MN, we can only really keep goldfish and koi. If you get an auto-fill device, you can buy an under-sink type dechlorinator that frees the water of chlorine as it passes through. This can be buried along with the hoseline to your skimmer or pond (it's easiest to hook it up in a skimmer). I think that the key to preventing leaks is to BUY ENOUGH LINER!!! Our waterfall/stream has had to be redone a few times, becuase of this. If you shore it up real high on the sides with rocks and dirt, you shouldn't have too may leaks. Do plan on having a couple, though, especially at the beginning. If you don't have any, I'll ask you to send me your autograph!
Good Luck!
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