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Joined: 15 Aug 2003
Location: madison, wi

PostPosted: 2003.08.15(Fri)17:18    Post subject: butterflyfish Reply with quote

I'm thinking about getting a butterflyfish for my 15 gallon aquarium and I want to know how good or bad the compatibility would be with my current fish. I have one keyhole cichlid, two peppered corydoras catfish, two otos, two guppies, and five lemon tetras. I know, probably a little overstocked already, but I just transferred these fish from a 10 gallon aquarium (except for the guppies which I used as starter fish on the 15 gallon) and the filter system on this aquarium is much better and I actually have live plants for once. I just need to get a few more vals to cover the heater up and give a possible butterflyfish a little cover. but anyways, how does the compatibility look? would the lemon tetras and guppies look like tasty treats? the lemon tetras are fully grown, so I think they would be safe if I got a younger butterfly fish, the guppies I'm worried about because they like to go around the top of the tank.
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Joined: 31 Jul 2003
Location: East Yorkshire, UK

PostPosted: 2003.08.15(Fri)18:07    Post subject: Reply with quote

In my opinion I would say no way to the Butterfly fish.
1. Because like you said you are stocked anyway
2. They get to a reasonable size and probably wouldn't be happy in a 15 gallon.
3. It would eat your Guppies and at least try to eat your Tetras, these fish are predators!
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Joined: 12 Jun 2003

PostPosted: 2003.08.16(Sat)8:00    Post subject: Reply with quote

I would reccomend at least a 30 gallon tank ( the cubed one) Butterfly's will leave your smaller fish alone if they are up much higher in the water than them. YOu should also know that all they will eat are crickets. If you got a lager tank you could get a butterfly. I would also move your keyhole and buy it a male/female so it has a mate.
You can always improve your tank
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New Members

Joined: 15 Aug 2003
Location: madison, wi

PostPosted: 2003.08.16(Sat)21:47    Post subject: Reply with quote

trust me, my keyhole doesn't want a mate, tried that once already. my big male chased the female into every corner and practically tried killing her. she was scared out of her mind and the male kept flaring up his gills and doing little darts at her to scare her.

my 15 gallon has the same surface area of a 10, but higher. thats what made me think of a butterfly was the higher level because itd have more of its space. but the same surface area means the same volume of oxygen in the aquarium, thats what my books say and I think thats wrong but I can't erase the text in the books and rewrite them, so oh well.

let me think, what else to put... oh! would a red clawwed crab be too much of a problem with crowding? I think I'm ditching the butterfly fish idea until I get my old 10 gallon reset up, unless my sister wants it. crickets for a butterflyfish won't be a problem, where I work is infested with them and my basement is covered with spiders and earwings and whatever else I could find, then theres my driveway thats infested with god only knows what. lol.

long post, I know, but I'm bored Twisted Evil
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Joined: 05 Feb 2003
Location: AZ

PostPosted: 2003.08.16(Sat)23:45    Post subject: Reply with quote

Your tank is stocked fully.

Keyhole cichlids may not have the size of some of their larger cousins, but they still pack quite a punch, and in smaller quarters, can be more territorial than if in a more adequate tank.

No to the crab as well. As a keeper of crayfish and other inverts, assure you I that these guys will eat anything they can tear off a fish: eyes, fins, the works. They also have a nasty habit of escaping the tank and being found behind the fridge days later.

Butterfly fish require more surface area to swim in--and anything that approaches its domain will be squeezed down its rather large mouth.

Also, don't feed insects or spiders you find outside or in your garage--pesticides will eradicate your tank almost as fast as soap or bleach can.
But if you tame me, then we shall need each other....You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.
~Antoine de Saint-Exupery
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Joined: 30 Jun 2003

PostPosted: 2003.08.17(Sun)13:05    Post subject: Reply with quote

I don't think the butterfly would try to eat your fish. They will only do that if they fish is small and in its face.

Hope I helped
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Joined: 05 Feb 2003
Location: Houston TX

PostPosted: 2003.08.19(Tue)20:12    Post subject: Reply with quote

Actually bettagal, butterfly fish will eat almost anything that does or does not fit int heir mouths.
"Feminae bene moratea historiam raro faciunt"
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