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Barbs Not Making It
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Joined: 25 Jun 2003

PostPosted: 2003.07.27(Sun)19:03    Post subject: Barbs Not Making It Reply with quote

Hello Everyone,

I have a newly established 10 Gallon Tank. The orginal population was 2 Striped and 2 Green Barbs. The tank has been running since my birthday June 25.

About a month ago I noticed what I thought a weird behavior. A striped barb would seem to pass out when swimming to the top. He would float for a second or so then come too and be fine. This would happen a few times. All other behavior seemed normal. I also noticed a small color change... he seemed less vibrant.

He died in few days.

The second striped follow the same behavior a few weeks later... and died. Seemed normal until the "flopping". Tonight I just noticed one of the greens is doing the same "Flopping". I am totally bummed about it. Unless a mirable happens.. he will die too. I can only expect the last Barb to come down with same afflication.

The pH is 7.0 to 7.2 and the ammonia levels are exactly nuetral.

Please... any help would be greatly appreciated. Anyone else run into this before?

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Joined: 20 Feb 2003
Location: va beach va/ny usa

PostPosted: 2003.08.20(Wed)13:19    Post subject: Reply with quote

ammonia exactly neutral I assume you mean zero parts per millon.

there is a wide range of things it could be.

Most problems with fish stem from water quality. Barbs a genrally a very hardy fish and survive the stressful cycleing process= ammonia into nitrite into nitrate. nitrate can only be removed by live plants or water changes, over 20 parts per millon of nitrate is toxic to fish.

Fish that have been transported around the world in some cases are weakend and about 20% die within the frist few weeks. Usually when fish are on sale they are dieing or sick. Small mom and pop fish stores useusally have better quality fish that have been quarintined and nursed back to prime health before being sold.

if you don't have a nitrate test kit. do about 30% or 3 gal water change use tap water safe chemical try to miantain same temp and pH with new water going in. and take a sample of the old water to a fish store and ask them to test it. don't do more than 50% water change within 24hrs or you could upset the cycle. The most important water parameters in my opionon is maintianing nitrate below 20ppm and pH at or above 7.0. that is in a fully cycled tank. Wink

a fully cycled tank parameters
ammonia 0 ppm
nitrite 0 ppm
nitrate 0-20 ppm

One inch of fish per gal usuallt won't upset you cycle or make nitrates build up to fast Wink
Popoculus nautus sum
Popoculus nautus sum
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Popoculus nautus sum
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Joined: 06 Feb 2003
Location: Houston, Texas

PostPosted: 2003.08.20(Wed)18:28    Post subject: More info Reply with quote

Have you done any regular water changes on this tank in the past 8 weeks?

Do you clean the filter? How?

Has anyone put anything into the tank that could be toxic, soap, hands with hair gel or bug spray on them?

Is the filter running OK?

Is the temperature normal?

Were they eating normal, with normal looking poop?

Any swellings? Rubbing against things? Visible damage?
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