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Suggestions for my new pond
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Joined: 05 Jun 2003
Location: UK

PostPosted: 2003.06.26(Thu)9:23    Post subject: Suggestions for my new pond Reply with quote

Having nearly sorted out my inherited tropical tank thanks to the help from this board, I now need to sort out my outdoor inherited ponds. Any help appreciated.

4 ponds, 3 connected and one separate.

Separate pond about 8 feet long, has a medium pump in it, green water and until recently, some 2 - 3 inch frogs in residence. Water was horrible but some algae pellets seemed to partially sort. There may be a plant or two in it somewhere, no fish.

3 connected ponds, 1 about 3 foot by 2 foot, another 3ft by 2 foot and another about 25 foot by 2 foot in the shape of a river. Biggie feeds water via mega pump to a rock which water falls into small pond, then falls to pond 2 then drips back into big pond.

14 apparently healthy golfish in big one, 4 in the next one up and 3 in the top pond, top two small ponds appear fine, good clear water, healthy water lilies? and other plants.

Big pond keeps filling with this green slimy matting type of something, seems to grow from the walls, fish hide in it but it prevents them swimming along, takes about two weeks from nearly clear to obstructing most of the pond. Can get out with a rake but fish get trapped in it. Seems to congregate towards pump when switched on and strangles the two lily plants which look nearly dead. Not infested the upper ponds for some reason, even though the water circulates through them.

Any suggestions?


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lara croft
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Joined: 26 Jun 2003
Location: UK

PostPosted: 2003.06.29(Sun)2:43    Post subject: pond Reply with quote

I think I know the slimy stuff your talking about, we use a garden cane and twizzel it round in the slimy stuff and it stays on the cane. we then rub it on the floor to get the slime off the cane.
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