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need all the info I can get on starting a saltwater aquarium
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Joined: 19 May 2003

PostPosted: 2003.06.10(Tue)21:29    Post subject: need all the info I can get on starting a saltwater aquarium Reply with quote

OK guys I'm new to this ...I live in Puerto Rico and any beach you go to youll see all kinds of cool aquarium fish that you normally see on the petshops at outrageous prices....I had a 20gal tall saltawater tank once but I don't remember a thing about maintaining it and what I bought....I have two fresh water aquariums too...I wanted to start a tank again because I can catch the fish I want to put in with some aquarium fish nets...what I normally see in the water that I could catch are: french angel fish, banded buterfly fish, squirelfish, tangs, and basically any kind of angel fish from the pacific ocean.

so I need for you guys to set up a list of things I need ooo by the way the aquarium is a 20gal long(I bought it for this) . well I need a list of things I need to get like power heads, I got a 60gal tank hanging carbon pad filter that I'm gonna use, I need to know the things I need and what fish are good, what they eat, etc...... thanks a bunch Very Happy and sorry for the trouble Laughing
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Joined: 10 Jun 2003

PostPosted: 2003.06.11(Wed)14:21    Post subject: Re: fish Reply with quote

First off I would be a bit warry about collecting fish from the ocean. It might be illegal especially if you happen upon some endangered species (which is entirely possible) Picking wildflowers is illegal here(Ohio, USA) and they're not even endangered, its to keep them from being totally stripped from the landscape, same might go for the fish in your area. Plus you don't know if they're carrying any diseases or what was in the water they were inhabiting. Though I am also sentimental about my fish, I'd feel guilty if I thought I had taken a fishys mother or father Sad But thats just me Wink I feel better fulfiling my tank raised fishies 'tank destinies'. The price is Godawful for them, but that I'm sure will just help me to take extra good care of them!

Then I'm pretty much a beginner in the saltwater tank business too, so I can't give you any good equitment/caretaking advice, but I'm working on the same size tank as you (20gal) and I know the ratio of fish per gal is 2-3 inches of fish per 10 gal. I'm planning on 2 clowns, a gramma, and *maybe* one more small guy. I just thought I'd mention that since you listed a lot of species(some of them bigger, like tangs), not saying you were planning on using them all, just so you know.

Then I'd also recommend a good book too. I have a couple but the one I'm enjoying the most is (don't laugh) Aquariums for Dummys. It has info on all types of aquariums(I'm just reading the marine sections) and its written with a sense of humor. Then I saw an awesome book at the fish store today with TONS of pictures but its $45, so it will have to wait till next payday Wink

Good luck with your tank!!
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Joined: 07 Feb 2003

PostPosted: 2003.06.16(Mon)19:51    Post subject: Reply with quote

Get a good book, check out some good info sites and get as knowledgeble as you can get.
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