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I, Flowerhorn...maybe?
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Joined: 26 Jun 2003

PostPosted: 2003.08.27(Wed)7:27    Post subject: My Flowerhorn is doing well Reply with quote

The 1 inch Flowerhorn that I bought in the middle of June is now 3 and a half inches and is growing well. His face is red with a grayish body. He has one spot on his head, one in the middle of his body and one on the base of his tale. From the research I have been doing, I now have learned how to grade them. I have a grade C Flowerhorn and the Red Dragon variety. The Flowerhorn is very responsive, eats like crazy and is my most entertainning fish that I have in my collection.

My younger brother just brought one. HIs is a Grade B Flowerhorn of the Red Dragon variety. Its about an inch now and it has a Green face with red already around his gills.

Flowerhorns are some of the most beautiful fish you will ever see.
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New Members

Joined: 27 Aug 2003

PostPosted: 2003.08.27(Wed)8:49    Post subject: Too Many Fish Reply with quote

I go to my local fish shop frequently, mostly because it's the closest and the cheapest feeders. Well about a month ago we got these 2 fish, wich we were told were keyhole cichlids, after doing some reading in the aquarium atlases (wich I recommend to all fish lovers) we discivered that they may actually be trimacs. But now that we have researched the internet on them we happened to notice that they have blues, grey, and greens in the body, and pink and red fins with irridecent blue spots on them. So were thinking they may actually be flowerhorns (but is it possible to get a male and female? and does anyone know how to tell the difference?) Needless to say we've come to realize that that fish shop has no clue what they are selling no matter what kind of fish. (they sold us a small asain stinging catfish and told us it was a mystic catfish) Anyway I am asking has anyone ever seen juvenile flowerhorns? my guys are only like 2" to 3" long if that. Thanks

54gal- 2ropefish/ elecblue dempsy/ faded jewel/ 2 greenspotted puffers/ 2 tigerbarbs/ columbian red tetra/ african butterfly/ chocolate pleco/ bristlenose pleco/ 2 horseface loaches/ angelicus pimelodus/ male sailfin molly/ and 3 albino corys
55gal- 2 green terrors (white and gold)/ jack dempsy/ 2 crayfish/ common pleco/ small asain stinging catfish
20xhigh- 8 baby jack dempsys
10gal divided- common pleco/ male and female trimac (?)
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Joined: 26 Jun 2003

PostPosted: 2003.08.28(Thu)9:11    Post subject: Reply with quote

It seems as if you have experienced the same things that myself and my brothers have been experiencing with the local fish stores. THey do not know what they are saleing to the hobbyisist.

I brought a snsypillim from a fish store but on the tank it clearly had "Black Belt" on the tank. I brought it for $5 know full well that it was a Sysnspillim, the cashier though he sold me a Blackbelt Laughing

I have seen many juevenille Flowerhorns. They are beautifull fish if you ask me. The ones that I see in my area (Maryland) are Red Dragon varieities. THey have red faces, with the hump on their head, black pearl spots from the middle of their bodies to the tail and their bodies are grey with red and gray fins. THey are veryactive and are pleasing to look at the eye.

I have one that is 3 inches now, He has grown 2 inches in 2 months. I am about to put him in a 55 gallon. I have to go trade in my 10 inch Oscar to make room!!
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