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fancy goldfish questions
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PostPosted: 2003.03.19(Wed)20:29    Post subject: fancy goldfish questions Reply with quote

my brother has a 20 gallon w/ 2 fancy goldfish. he bought them when they were both like a grey color and about an inch long each. one has turned yellow/orange and has a nery long flowing tail and is about 5in w/ the tail. the other one is still grey and has a stubby short tail and is about 4in long. why is this? the body lengths are the same. are they diffrent sexes or what?
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Joined: 06 Feb 2003
Location: Houston, Texas

PostPosted: 2003.03.20(Thu)12:00    Post subject: Just Luck Reply with quote

Nope, fin length is just luck if you've gotten a very young fish. the longer tail would be considered a comet, the other a common goldfish, assuming slim bodies. Both will probably turn gold, they don't keep that olive color typically.

Slim body fish will reach 12 inches long is proper conditions, round body stop at about 5 or 6 inches if cared for well.

A good site for goldfish education is Puregold
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PostPosted: 2003.03.20(Thu)18:59    Post subject: Reply with quote

I don't think these are comets....... they are the fattest things I have ever seen! and is a common goldfish as big around as it is long like a fancy goldfish. cause thats how these are.
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Joined: 05 Feb 2003

PostPosted: 2003.03.20(Thu)20:34    Post subject: Reply with quote

Many of the fancy varieties have long, flowing tails. ..
It still doesn't indicate sex in any way.
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PostPosted: 2003.04.18(Fri)11:18    Post subject: fancy goldfish questions Reply with quote

There are a good number of fancy goldfish varieties...Some have long fins and some short and there are lots of people mixing them when they breed them so there's lots of "pot luck" around in the goldfish too. That "pot luck" is not the case if you buy true bred varieties like Ranchus..Orandas, etc. though even in those cases there is some variety in the finnage. Finnage has nothing to do with the sex of the fish...The best wayt to tell that in goldfish is, when the fish are in good health....look on the gill plates and the front ray of the pectoral fins, and in a breeding-conditioned male, you will probably see some white dots that look almost like grains of salt. It's restricted to those two places....IF there are white specks like that elsewhere on the body of a goldfish....darn it....there's ick on it and it's best to treat it by putting in one TABLESPOON per GALLON of water in the tank....It should go away by the fourth day after you add the salt.
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