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fishless cycling and household ammonia
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PostPosted: 2005.05.15(Sun)22:11    Post subject: fishless cycling and household ammonia Reply with quote

I set up my first planted tank about a week ago and I am going to try fishless cycling for the first time before I add any fish to it. I already have many plants in there and the substrate is mostly flourite and this is an eclipse system (eclipse combo 25). This tank is my first experience with a biowheel filter as well and I have heard great things about them. Anyways I am really wondering whether I should use this ammonia from under my sink. What makes me wary is it says that the ingredients are soft water, ammonia, and surfactant. This is a bottle of ammonia from the supermarket and its brand name is america's choice. I am not really sure what this surfactant is but when I looked it up on the internet one definition suggested it may be soap. I enjoyed your article here about fishless cycling but I also read one on Badman's which suggested household ammonia can sometimes contain cleaning products are other additives that aren't really very good for the fish. I am not really sure that I can use this stuff but it would be so much easier than ordering granular ammonia from a laboratory supply store. Does anyone know if this is safe to use? Question
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