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Old tank laying around..
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Joined: 04 May 2005
Location: Montreal, Canada!

PostPosted: 2005.05.09(Mon)7:06    Post subject: Old tank laying around.. Reply with quote

OK, I still have a 33 gallon tank from a while ago, it was used for about 6 years, untill my uncle screwd something up with the filter, and all the fish kept dying..

My question is anyone think I can use it? fish have had ich in that tank many times, plus recently I had one of my snakes in it, but the snake got a RI, so I moved her to a quarintine tank that was half the size, so I can control the heat more, but I decided to keep her in the smaller tank untill a new one is built..

so does anyone know if there is anyway I can clean this tank good enough so that it can be used for fish again?

(probably cichlids)

also, I think it has been washed with soap a few times, not sure..
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Joined: 05 Dec 2004
Location: new york, ny

PostPosted: 2005.05.09(Mon)7:30    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sure, you can use it.

As far as cleaning goes, some folks use dish soap without any problems. You can also use pure ammonia. Bleach should be avoided, however. Whichever you choose just rinse thoroughly.

Hope that helps.

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Joined: 11 Jun 2003
Location: Phoenix, Arizona USA

PostPosted: 2005.05.09(Mon)7:40    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dilute regular bleach is fine to use to disinfect fish tanks, as long as you rinse thoroughly. The final rinse should include dechlorinator to remove any remaining traces of bleach.

You also want to make sure that the seals are still intact, so fill the tank with water and allow to stand overnight to make sure there are no leaks.
Happy fishkeeping!

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Joined: 25 Jan 2005
Location: Macomb, IL

PostPosted: 2005.05.10(Tue)14:43    Post subject: Reply with quote

if it is a glass tank then I have been told that washing it with salt water would be good for it. I believe that aquarium salt is what should be used to clean the tank, make a salt water mixture and take a sponge to it. I would recomend a sponge that does not have any soaps or cleaning agents added to it.

also as long as it is washed thoroughly and then cycled before adding fish you shouldn't have any problems.
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New Members

Joined: 11 May 2005
Location: McMinnville TN

PostPosted: 2005.05.11(Wed)15:04    Post subject: Reply with quote

I use bleach with a unknown tank like a yard sale tank. I use about 2 cups to a gallon. Rinse well then rinse again. Since nearly all water has chloramine in it now days I fill the tank and let it sit over night then treat it for chlorine and chloramine and that will kill any bleach left.
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