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A few pictures
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PostPosted: 2003.05.12(Mon)17:04    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for the kind words.

Krib - Heh, and I thought I was being origonal with his name (Shere Kahn) =P... After having the tiger loaches for a month I now realize how aggressive they are. I had to take an apple snail out of the tank because the Tigers harassed it non-stop, then they began to constantly pester my lone YoYo loach, so I had to move it to my 29gallon. Two weeks ago I found them guarding my dead bristlenose pleco. They ripped a hole in his side, and when I stuck my hand in to take it out, Shere Kahn bit me (that little bastard), and surprisingly it hurt.

Another intersiting thing about the Tiger loaches is that they make an audible "clicking" noise which can be heard from across my room (my friend has clown loaches who make the same noise). Luckily the Tiger Loaches don't mess with my Yellow Labs at all, now that I have removed (or they have killed) all the other bottom dwellers, they just chase each other around making that "clicking" noise.

In the 30gallon I now have 7 Yellow Labs, 2 Tiger Loaches, 2 African Butterfly Fish, and 1 Butterfly (aka Hillstream) loach.

Titan - I am still unsure of the sex of four of the labs. I know that the big one (his name is Cornelius) is definitely a male, and I am also sure that the striped lab directly below him in the picture (it's the second largest lab) is the sub-male (lately he has been harassing the sub-male constantly, I moved the rock-work around which seems to have helped stop the harassment... but I think I will put Cornelius in isolation for a few days). Then there is another one I am pretty sure is female (she is the 3rd largest). And the remaining four I am unsure of, but I do know that Cornelius tolerates their presence. And yes, it is not a very clear view of all of the fish, so who knows at this point. I base my judgement on whether they are male or female based on personality, and social interactions instead of the black in they're fins... because it is damn near impossible to tell the difference among males and females in labs =P

My plan right now is to buy a 55+ gallon tank in the near future (college kids will be moving away for the summer soon, which means lots of tanks will be for sale for CHEAP). I will keep Cornelius in the 30gallon, and he will reign supreme of that tank. Then I will move three of the labs that I am sure of being male (at this point I am only sure of one of them, but maybe in a month or two, some others will come out of the closet), into the new large tank. Then I will turn the new large tank into a malawi mbuna tank, I'll probably get some Pseudotropheus socolofis, and other mbunas that catch my eye.

I'll take some new pictures in the coming days.
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