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Best way to care for ONE baby platy?
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Joined: 27 Nov 2004
Location: Northern Germany

PostPosted: 2005.05.04(Wed)9:28    Post subject: Best way to care for ONE baby platy? Reply with quote

Of all the things, LOL! I found a survivor from a batch of babies who I'd been sure was a goner! She is about 1 cm long (or slightly less) and about 3-1/2 weeks old. She was starting to get brave and come out from her hiding place, and my gourami wanted to eat her. Although she's a good hider, I got nervous, so I put her in her own little tank (about 12 liters, with a filter and heater, some rocks and a couple of plants. The filter intake has a nylon over it to keep it from sucking her up.)

I know she must have been eating algae and perhaps what little food got swept under her hiding place, but what now? I don't want to put too much food in that little tank and overwhelm the bacteria, but I want to make sure that she can find the food I put in there. She's getting brave, like I said, so should I worry about her finding her tiny bits of food?

Platys do eat algae, right? The plants I put in there have some algae on them, and I keep this little extra tank by a window on purpose so that it'll grow some nice green algae.

In a while, this won't be as important because I'll probably have another batch of babies soon - for company, and it'll make feeding amounts easier to handle.

Question Another question: When are platy fry not considered "fry" anymore, so I can start caring for as I would an adult?

Thanks! Laskey
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Joined: 20 Dec 2003

PostPosted: 2005.05.04(Wed)14:04    Post subject: Reply with quote

I would just feed it some finely crushed flakes, - of course very little, but I wouldnt worry so much, as long as you change a bit of water every second day or something.
I have started to get into this with having tanks without all the tecnical stuff in it, and though I won't recommend it if you havent got through the first lessons, I am quite amazed as to how much is really possible.
The important thing is to be regular with the waterchanges, and not fill the tanks with too many fish, then it can actually find a fine balance in itself.

With the tiny fry, in a day or two it will find out that theres no danger, and it will also learn very fast when its feeding time, and it will be there on the spot when you feed it.
Actually, three and half week old, its not that small a fry anymore - I don't even think it would be in any danger anymore, they are incredible fast, these small ones, and it would take a very hungry gourami to catch it, I am sure..... my gourmies are probably too well fed, they fail to catch any fry at all.....
<')))))))>< helene s.
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