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Just a few questions...project on transporting fish
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Joined: 09 Mar 2005

PostPosted: 2005.04.27(Wed)3:13    Post subject: Just a few questions...project on transporting fish Reply with quote

Hello, I am doing a project on transporting fish and will be making some packaging to transport them. I have a short questionnaire which I would really appreciate if you could fill in. I need as many as possible and would be very grateful. Thank you.

 Are you a:

Pet shop (please go to section A)

Fish owner (please go to section

Section A Pet shop

1. Pet shop name: ___________________

2. Do you sell any products specifically designed to help customers transport fish home?

3. If not, how do people take their fish home?

4. Do you see any problems in transporting fish?

5. Have you ever come across such a product?

6. Do you think there is a need for this product?

7. If it were low cost and profitable, would you stock it?

Section B Fish owner

1. How often do you purchase fish for your aquarium?

2. Do you have coldwater/tropical/koi carp fish?

3. How do you normally transport fish home?

4. Do you come across any problems?

5. Have you ever seen/heard of a fish transporter?

6. Do you think it
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Joined: 29 Mar 2004
Location: Michigan

PostPosted: 2005.04.27(Wed)8:21    Post subject: Reply with quote

Section A (pet store employee)
1. Tanks A Lot!
2. No.
3. Plastic bags
4. More aggressive fish can easily poke holes in the bag, leading to a loss of water and stress. Also, the bags are transparent so the fish must be stressed from seeming so out in the open.
5. The only fish transport things I've seen are the cardboard boxes the fish are shipped to the store in and the clear plastic bags we move them in.
6. I'm sure it would help minimize stress and make transportation a much less stressful ordeal.
7. Definately.

Section B (fish owner)
1. Not very often anymore. Used to buy fish once or twice a week.
2. I have a pond, a 55 gallon tropical tank, a 10 galon betta tank, and a 12 gallon saltwater tank.
3. I take the fish home in transparent fish bags.
4. Sometime the bags overheat or leak while I'm taking them home.
5. I've heard of them before, but I've never seen one for sale.
6. I like the idea. It'd be better than using a cooler or a bag.
7. If it weren't too expensive I would definately buy one.

Byez!! Very Happy
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