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raising fish prices to lower abuse of fish?
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Joined: 05 Feb 2003
Location: St. Paul, MN

PostPosted: 2005.04.13(Wed)20:53    Post subject: Reply with quote

LOL, and I don't think I've ever seen you type such a gross misinterpretation of my words before!

To clarify, I did not at any point suggest that selling bala sharks for $50 was practical--quite the opposite, in fact. What I said was that it's market forces that drive the continued sales of a disproportionate number of bala sharks (say, when compared to discus) to people unfit to provide for them properly. As such, the only way to combat this is to get people to understand what caring for these tankbusters entails so that they'll think twice about purchasing such a relatively inexpensive fish. As I see it, discus are indeed being kept in many a novice's tank in suboptimal conditions, but my strong impression is that this occurs far less frequently than with bala sharks.

But even most beginners are somewhat aware that caring for discus involves meticulous upkeep, and I strongly feel that more than a little part of that is due to their higher prices: I like this fish, but why does it cost so much? Whereas the care of a bala shark entails little more than keeping it in a group and in a large enough tank, caring for discus entails frequent water changes, a greater knowledge of fish compatibilities, greater attention to diet and signs of disease, etc. The former's prerequisites, however, rarely come up in the course of a purchase because they are so cheap and readily available, and more often than not the dealer's interests lie not in the wellbeing of the fish but in the thickness of his wallet.

Besides, comparing discus to bala sharks is like comparing a blue and gold macaw to a budgerigar (albeit one that would grow to the size of an emu). A connoisseur's market exists for one; a casual market exists for the other.
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Joined: 05 Feb 2003
Location: AZ

PostPosted: 2005.04.14(Thu)4:43    Post subject: Reply with quote

Another example of price versus what many people see as "cost/price" of anoles. They average out at $5 USD at most pet stores, even the chain ones. How many do you think live their full life expectancy, compared to, say, a blue-tongued skink? Check out the prices for common green iguanas; trust me, if they went for more than $15 each, people might be willing to plunk down more money for the right UVB lights and vet bills.

Can't tell you how many times when I worked at PetsMart and was trying to get someone just to freaking buy some medications for their ich or fungus-infested fish, and was told that the fish only cost <insert pocket change amount here> and the meds were five times that. May as well let the fish die, then come back for new ones, cause you'll save money that way!
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Joined: 07 Feb 2003
Location: Ontario, Canada

PostPosted: 2005.04.14(Thu)11:57    Post subject: Reply with quote

yup, this is me running from MCP, Tula and Tara with my tail between my legs!


Angelfish have gotten to be $2.99 at the LFS and I admit.. all Tulas predictions on Discus are the case for Angels... I see many Angels headed for 10g tanks... most of the Discus bought are at least headed for larger aquariums than that... 40s or 55gs...
Discus Man is gone... I remain... #6... I am not a number I am a free man!
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