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Suspected tumor on piranha
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Joined: 06 Apr 2005

PostPosted: 2005.04.06(Wed)23:00    Post subject: Suspected tumor on piranha Reply with quote

Anyone ever seen a tumor that looks like this, or can someone tell me if this is a tumor at all?

March 28th:

April 3rd:

April 6th:

He hasn't eaten very much if at all since the 28th. Its hard to tell wether he's eaten anything or not since I've been feeding him earthworms and he mauls them but theres a lot of peices left. He normally takes down a whole worm a day. I think he may be a goner soon if I can't figure out a way for him to eat something. So anyone got any ideas on what this is or if I can fix it?
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Joined: 15 Feb 2005

PostPosted: 2005.04.07(Thu)1:43    Post subject: Reply with quote

Not sure there's much that can be done there, if you can take it to a vet he may be able to anesthetize the fish and operate, but it's iffy.

What is that, a spilo/mac?
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New Members

Joined: 06 Apr 2005

PostPosted: 2005.04.07(Thu)5:38    Post subject: Reply with quote

yeah, gold spilo. Any other ideas people?
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New Members

Joined: 06 Apr 2005

PostPosted: 2005.04.21(Thu)17:13    Post subject: Reply with quote

OK, I hadn't posted on this in a while since it looked like he was getting better. The lump went down quite a bit, left a small wound which is healing up nicely. The problem is another lump has formed on another part of his body. I'm starting to think this is some sort of internal parasite or something. Anyone have any ideas? I think it's bothering him now because he's been doing a strange move where he turns sideways and swims fast to scratch his side up against the top of his cave. This is odd behaviour that I haven't seen in him before.

After the first lump went down, he started eating again after having not eaten for about 2 weeks. I figured he was getting better. Now this has sprung up and he's scratched himself on the top of his cave so much that he's scratching the lump up quite a bit. Here are some new pics:
Pic 1
Pic 2
I think these are pretty good pics, you should be able to tell me something from these. You can see the new lump scratched up and you can see the old lump healing. I'm half tempted to dose the tank with some parasite medication, but I don't really know of anything out there for internal parasites. If this thing is a parasite it hasn't reared its ugly head outside of his body. Maybe its a bacterial infection? I think I've stumped every fish forum on the internet with this one!
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Joined: 05 Dec 2004
Location: new york, ny

PostPosted: 2005.04.21(Thu)17:54    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well, first up, what are your water parameters, in particular your nitrates?

Also, the cave you've built for him (beautiful fish, btw), what is that made of?

Follow my thinking and let me know if this is in the realm of possibility-
It appears that the cave has some very jagged edges which could easily scratch a fish (especially if it is metal as it appears). If you have high nitrate levels, which is pretty easy with larger carnivors, your spilo could be cutting himself on the cave and then getting bacterial infections, which in turn become either a cyst or an abcess. (Seems like there is a correlation between eating and the size of the cyst/infection.)

Litterally a stab in the dark. But heck, if we're guessing...
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