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Inconsistant/Cloning Information
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Joined: 24 Aug 2004
Location: Missouri

PostPosted: 2005.04.02(Sat)21:39    Post subject: Inconsistant/Cloning Information Reply with quote

I'm getting really tired of this. I know that in fishkeeping there are always different methods of doing things, everyone has their own experience, fish have individual personaities and information will generally vary. But what's really ticking me off is when people do research, go to one single website, or one single forum, read one persons opinion/experience/etc and take that account as a fact. But that doesn't piss me off half as bad as when they decide to post an informational page about it. Or even post on forums and message boards, just because they happened to read it somewhere. I recently read on a site that Pink kissing Gouramis get to be about 8" in the aquarium, and that they are "generally a tolerant species, but males may occasionally fight by pressing their lips together (I.e., kissing). The weaker of the two will normally back down..."
Now, I've never had kissing gouramis, I'll say that right now. But I did do research on them a few months back when I was considering a pair for my 55g. I read several books on the issue including "Anabantoids and Other Labrynth Fishes", "Encyclopedia of Tropical Fish" and a couple others I don't remember the names of. I also read a couple magazine articles/snippets about them. I looked at them in the pet store, talked to the shop owner and read the tag.
All of the information I gathered did vary. But the general consensus led me to feel that even one pink gourami would get entirely too large and be far too aggressive for a community of other gouramis in a 55 gallon tank. So I happily passed on the idea.
Even if you go to the gallery section of this site and read the testimonials, there are a couple that say the fish is non-aggressive. But there were also plenty that told of their kissing gouramis killing many (even all) of the fish in their tanks. Maybe I'm completely off base. Maybe these really are just calm and docile as that site claimed. Maybe many with experience would tell me that. But I'm certain that many others would tell me the opposite.
Just because the itnernet is so easy and available doesn't mean that the information is always correct. I understand the frustration and confusion of newbie fishkeepers trying to make heads or tail from the wildly varying information out there. But people have to realize there are plenty of other resources available besides the world wide web.
Now for the other end of it; cloning information found on one website and reproducing it on another... Why is it almost all of the research done to build an informational webpage is done using internet resources? People don't read books anymore?
For instance, in all the books I read, one said moonlight gouramis get to be 6-7 inches. Another said between 4-8 inches. Yet another claimed "up to 8 inches"... On and on, camr to the logical and educated conclusion that a moonlight gourami would grow (if well taken care of) a good 7 inches. But EVERY single website I've ever looked at on the subject says the same exact thing: "approximately 15 centemeters" (about 5.5 inches). I've found absolutely no variation in this. I can't tell you how many other topics and subjects I've found where people seemed to have gone to one website and copied the information there, and that information winds up published all over the freaking internet and soon becomes the accepted belief. But when you look at other reference materials they report something completely different. Bahhhh!
I guess all I'm trying to say is if you really really want reliable information, read a website or two, then go read a couple books, read a magazine, talk to people with experience or has done extensive research (not just someone with a search engine!) and take ALL of the information gathered into account to form an educated conclusion.
There, I'm done Smile

Last edited by Destany on 2005.04.07(Thu)7:16; edited 1 time in total
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Josh Hansen

Joined: 20 Feb 2005
Location: Dayboro, Queensland, Australia

PostPosted: 2005.04.03(Sun)0:51    Post subject: Fish information Reply with quote

I totally agree that there is misinformation about fish. I find the best information is from other peoples experience. I find shopkeepers give out wrong information in fish compatibility just so they make money. Kissing gouramis do become extremely large and extremely aggressive and I have found they even killed or injuried each other (including one time one gourami sucked the eye out of the other), I have also found my testimonial on the black ghost gallery has changed from the past 6 months because the fish has become larger and begin killing larger fish like rainbows and had to be seperated to another tank. The striped headstander a beautiful fish that became larger developed in to monster killing my fish through being a fin nipper and eatting my plants. The literature told me it is compatible with all fish and so did the aquarium shop but were quick not to take it back. Lucky I had a friend able to take it off me. The only way I have learned is trying the fish in my tank and if it is incompatible I take it back to the shop free of charge.

It is a shame the inaccuracies of the nformation we receive but we need to learn of other people experience not from aqaurium books or shops.

from Josh
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Joined: 10 Jan 2005
Location: Vancouver Canada

PostPosted: 2005.04.06(Wed)22:55    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey Destany,
It sounds like you already have a lot going for you in the thinking area so good on ya!
Information is just information, it is almost always relative and slanted by some sort of bias.
The key is to recognise it and to factor it into the decision making process.
Almost all info on this site is opinion/experiental based and should be taken with a grain of salt. You sound like you understand that pretty well.
On the other side, many newcomers ask some pretty funny Q's that seem as though they are trying to avoid thinking for themselves ie: "what should I stock my ten gallon tank with? One time I stocked a ten gallon tank with potato salad (It was my parents 25th anniversary)... but I never suggest that; it's hard as hell on the filter Wink .
Think like a fish
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