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Question - pacu value
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Joined: 28 Mar 2005

PostPosted: 2005.03.28(Mon)9:44    Post subject: Question - pacu value Reply with quote

Sorry if this was supposed to go somewhere else but I have a question for you. What do you think I could sell my (2) 6 or 7 inch Pacus for? They are really a lot of work and I don't have the time to take care of them. I was thinking about putting them in the newspaper since my local pet stores would not buy them. Any help appreciated.
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Joined: 05 Feb 2003
Location: AZ

PostPosted: 2005.03.28(Mon)11:05    Post subject: Reply with quote

Probably next to nothing.

Unfortunately, pacus are one of those fish that just should not be sold to home aquarists. Why are you getting rid of yours? They got too large, too fast, right? Short of a pool, it's nigh impossible to keep pacu for their entire lives, healthy and unstunted. The best you can ask for yours is a healthy home. No cash.
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Joined: 11 Apr 2003
Location: Southend, UK

PostPosted: 2005.03.29(Tue)5:37    Post subject: Reply with quote

Post in the Buy/Sell on a few cichlid/predatory fish forums. I know its not a predatory fish but cichlid/big fish owners tend to keep a much more diverse range of fishes and have the biggest tanks! You should be able to buyer on these types of sites easily.

Good starting point-

Oh and what about AquaBid?
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Joined: 12 Jan 2005
Location: Ontario, Canada

PostPosted: 2005.03.29(Tue)10:54    Post subject: Reply with quote

I as well was unaware of how large these guys get! Mine was bought at roughly 3 inches I had him for 4 yrs in a 100 gallon tank with an Oscar and a Clown knife. He reached almost 24" and was he ever thick! I ended up giving him back to the LFS I purchased him from and they put him on display in their 1000 gallon tank. He has been there for 5 yrs now and has grown even bigger than I could ever imagine!! And is he ever UGLY! lol I still love him though and still go and feed him peas.

I wish you all the best because I had a hell of a time finding him a good home.
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