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Bubble on irridescent shark
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Joined: 07 Dec 2004
Location: Scotland

PostPosted: 2005.04.06(Wed)2:35    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm not realy sure whats up with your test, do you know how old the kit may be? it could be out of date or something, but I would do a 50% water change, then continue that until your water has cleaned up a bit, then carry on doing 25% water changes every weeks, maybe even twice a week if you can. I'm not sure how your can get rid of the lump on the side of his face, it does look nasty, but to clear up the red sores on his nose, buy some medicne called melafix, it should clean him up a treat and will treat any other fish in the tank that may also be sick.
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Joined: 15 Feb 2005

PostPosted: 2005.04.06(Wed)18:58    Post subject: Re: Unbelievable GH levels Reply with quote

Ssativa wrote:
Finally! I just borrowed a freshwater test kit from a friend of mine. It is made by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. My albino irridescent shark is still hangin in there. Shocked The tests show the following: pH= 6.0, Nitrite= 0 ppm (mg/L), Ammonia=.50 ppm (mg/L), I know this ammonia level is too high but the results that I got for GH are ridiculous. To test the general hardness the directions say to add one drop of solution to 5 ml of water, and shake. Each drop =1 (degree) dGH or 17.9 ppm GH. It says to add one drop at a time shaking vile after each drop until the water turns from orange to green. My problem is I have already added 62 drops and the water in the vial is now only a reddish orange color. That would make my GH at 62 dGH or 1109.8 ppm GH. What is going on? Shouldn't my fish all be dead? Could the test solution be defective?

It's supposed to be green that changes to orange, it will never go from orange to green.
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New Members

Joined: 13 Mar 2005

PostPosted: 2005.04.09(Sat)1:23    Post subject: OOhh Reply with quote

So I had it all backwards. Embarassed oops. I never saw the water turn green though. It went yellow after a few drops than orange. This GH test was the only part of the test kit that was so vague. Is it importan t to test the GH?
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New Members

Joined: 13 Mar 2005

PostPosted: 2005.05.02(Mon)18:28    Post subject: Update Reply with quote

My Albino Iridescent shark is fully recovered. He is looking healthy and beautiful. I didn't end up using any medications. I just added a little salt to the water and did a few partial water changes. I would post a pic of him recovered but he only comes out at night or when the lights are our now that he is better.
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