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Hi Everyone
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Joined: 07 Mar 2005
Location: San Francisco, CA

PostPosted: 2005.03.07(Mon)21:59    Post subject: Hi Everyone Reply with quote

Hi Everyone,

Great to find a place where other share the same interest. I had a freshwater tank in the 70's. My dad bought me one when I was 12 and we had angelfish, cory cats and a coolie loach. Then one day my dad came home with a Jack Dempsey. A so called "friend" sold it to him for $20-which was a lot of money back then. The Jack Dempsey killed all the fish and that pretty much ended my aquarium keeping days for years to come. All was not lost as I spent 12 years growing up in Hawaii (Oahu on the windward side) so I had access to a real "aquarium" called the Pacific Ocean . My mom worked for the University of Hawaii on a research island located offshore that was called "Coconut Island". Access to the public was restricted and no fishing was allowed. The fish were very tame and showed no fear of humans. Looking back I had it good as a kid.

A little over a year ago I decided to get a 10 gallon fresh water tank. I was hooked. I have since purchased a 30 and 5 gallon fresh water tank and will end up getting more. I recently cracked my 5 gallon tank. Sad. I'm constantly on the look out for books on the subject. My friends think I'm nuts.

I consider myself a novice still learning the finer points of fish keeping, but I must be doing something right as both tanks are heavely planted and my plants keep on sprouting new plants. I take back my new Java Ferns, cryptocoryne balanase and other species (I'm not the best at identifying plant species) to my dealer who resells them.

Hopefully I'll be able to learn more from those who are more advanced. My next project will probably be a paludarium setup.
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Joined: 10 Jan 2005
Location: Vancouver Canada

PostPosted: 2005.03.08(Tue)10:43    Post subject: Reply with quote

Welcome aboard sfbaytf Smile
Think like a fish
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