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Can a crack in a glass tank be fixed??
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New Members

Joined: 27 Feb 2005
Location: Avon, IN

PostPosted: 2005.03.13(Sun)9:43    Post subject: Reply with quote

How about a crack in the top hood? Can we fix this with the silicone? What kind? We cracked it by trying to put an old light kit with blue lights in it. Even thought the fixture was for an old 10gal. we put the aquarium blue light bulbs in it and within 1/2hour it cracked the glass top of the 54gal. tank. It is a corner tank so we would have to order a new glass top at about $50US! We've already replaced it once as a big piece of it broke off, but this one just has a crack through the middle. I'm still able to move it when I do water changes, but it would be easier if I could seal the crack to keep it from fluctuating(sp?) while I move it. Since it is only a crack this time, can we fix it temporarily until we are ready to invest in a new one?

By the way, we gave up trying to use the old light kit! It was a little small for the big tank anyway, and I think I've convinced the hubby to stick with the flourescent light. It will be cheaper to get a new light kit the same size as the one currently on the big tank, one with a regular light, one with a blue light. Now if I could just get him to use the timer!! Laughing

If anyone know what kind of sealant I need please let me know. Thanks Very Happy
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Joined: 20 Mar 2005
Location: Arizona

PostPosted: 2005.03.20(Sun)15:28    Post subject: Reply with quote

At a Wal-Mart you buy a 10-gall for like 10 bucks... Just buy a new one.
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New Members

Joined: 15 Mar 2005
Location: Billings, MT

PostPosted: 2005.03.21(Mon)16:58    Post subject: Reply with quote

If is was more expensive than a 10gal you could replace the whole broken piece. It would be just like a DIY aquarium. Scrape off all the old silicon remove the broken pane, then get a new piece cut and silicon it in. Something to remember for a bigger tank.
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Joined: 31 Jul 2004
Location: Sydney, Australia

PostPosted: 2005.03.22(Tue)7:34    Post subject: Reply with quote

I've got a 6x2x2 ft tank (around 170 gallons or 650L). It has a 2 inch semi-crack (hasn't gone all the way through 1cm glass) on the back middle bottom glass.

I've used a slab of glass similar to the "support" glass that holds the Glass lids on top, but about twice as thick. I aquarium siliconed the slab of glass to the crack (inside tank) and now it's been running great for about 3 weeks with no leaks.

Substrate covers the repair job, so you can't really tell either Smile
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Filtration Master

Joined: 30 Jan 2005
Location: New York

PostPosted: 2005.04.22(Fri)18:40    Post subject: Reply with quote

If you want to repair it, just use aquarium silicone and wait at least 4 dyas for it to cure. After that fill it up little by little.
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New Members

Joined: 11 May 2005
Location: McMinnville TN

PostPosted: 2005.05.11(Wed)16:38    Post subject: Reply with quote

At Walmart everything for a 10g but the gravel and fish is only $48. The 55g with hood and filter and a few extras is $160. A empty bare 10g is $10. These prices were just got about a month ago at my local Walmart. All other fish needs I go to a real fish store as Walmart has sick fish in every tank 80% of the time. Only thing about buying a complete set up is that I prefer over sizing the filters. I want a filter rated for 20g on a 10g and 100g for a 55g. You will not have as many problems with water quality if you over size your filters.
Honeyrobber(beekeeper) and Killifish lover and ex livebearer breeder(may or may not get back into them now I am disabled and have to much free time)
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New Members

Joined: 11 May 2005

PostPosted: 2005.05.12(Thu)18:30    Post subject: Reply with quote

BTW, before buying, make sure you ask your lfs what kind of tank it is because aquariums either can be glass or acrylic.
-The glass is more scratch resistant, easier to clean, but its heavier and is more susceptible to cracks.
- The acrylic aquariums are more expensie, less scratch-resistant, harder to clean, but never crack!(correct me if I am wrong on this)
GL with your future aquarium though! Very Happy
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