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Mini stream wall tank
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Joined: 03 Jan 2005

PostPosted: 2005.02.28(Mon)19:13    Post subject: Mini stream wall tank Reply with quote

Just an idea right now but maybe I'll actually do it

I was thinking of making a tank 15 feet long but only 6 inches wide by 8 inches high going across the living room wall. Then underneath it having a PVC pipe for a return so that it create a constant waterflow in 1 direction and attaching powerhads to it. It's only narrow because I do'nt wan't something hanging on the beams that's too heavy. Then maybe 5 gallon chambers at each end so there is some calm water.

For such a small tank would plywood still be the best. Plywood back and bottom and supports every 2 feet in the front for the glass. The hardest part would be the joints. So maybe it would be best to for a 12 foot piece of plywood so the botom would be 1 whole piece. I might actually give this a shot

I just checked the gallon calcualtion and at 6x6x144 it would only be a 20 gallon tank. And if I go for 8x8x144 I get a 40 gallon tank.

So about how much would this cost. Anything else I can use besides plywood since it won't need to support too much water due to it being distributed over length.
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Joined: 10 Jan 2005
Location: Vancouver Canada

PostPosted: 2005.03.01(Tue)1:07    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Oaty,
Look a little further down the D.I.Y. forum for a post about building a glass and plywood tank, there are good links there.
I have an alcove in my living room that is 104" (just over 8 feet) by 12" deep. I originally priced out the glass to make a tank 104"x 12"x24" drilled for intake and oulets at approx. $400 Can.
My idea then was a plywood tank 104"x12"x8" to create a stream biotope with circulation simular as you described. If you use W.C.M.M.'s you don't need to worry about heating, if your house is warm enough you could also use zebra danios. There will be more than usual evaporation because of greater water flow and surface exposure. Big boulders, driftwood and such could create eddies to act as calm areas. For substrate realistic river gravel of various size would be nice. If you have an open top with suspended lighting you could also grow some terrestrial plants on the river banks. Mounted at eye level it would be like looking into a slice of a stream. If it is mounted on an interior wall you could, as I will, run your pumps and such through the wall to the room on the other side. In my case a closet.
Your tank would be expensive because of the length. Glass at 144x8 is unusual. Also the length will make it very suseptable to flexing and cracking (during transport etc...) When installed you don't need braces down the front of the glass but you do need it across the top (to prevent bowing) All that stuff is in the D.I.Y.links.
Lot's of people will say it's too hard to make you own tank but you can do it. All those cool or unusual tanks we admire were built by someone! Think lot's about it first though, draw it out etc... because in your case mistakes could be costly
Good luck!
Think like a fish
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Joined: 03 Jan 2005

PostPosted: 2005.03.01(Tue)23:03    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for the info Dale.

Glass at 144x8 is unusual. Also the length will make it very suseptable to flexing and cracking

Well I'd do it in sections, probably 24" or 36" by 8". Easier to work with and as you said won't break as easily as a 12 foot piece of glass. The plywood would be the cheap part.

I did'nt even think of evaporation but your right that'll be horrendous. My 55 gallon hexagon never needs topoffs between water changes but my 20 gallon needs about 3 top offs a week.
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