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Can everybody play nice here?
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Joined: 15 Jan 2005
Location: Brisbane, Australia

PostPosted: 2005.01.23(Sun)4:10    Post subject: Reply with quote

I don't really trust the LPS where I got my fish from anymore, but because we have like bought everything through them we get discounts sometimes. But when I first set my fish tank up we went to buy some fish for my 34L.

Now the lady said to get 2 glass catfish so I did and a clown loach, my friends brother has 1 and I thought it looked pretty and I didn't even read the info on the tag thing that said how big they I got it...and now I regret buying him because he died.

I am still totally unsure and confused about the whole cycling process and everything I read about it confuses me even more. And because I don't know if my tank has cycled or not I am unsure whether to add more fish
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Joined: 27 Nov 2004
Location: Northern Germany

PostPosted: 2005.01.23(Sun)4:17    Post subject: Reply with quote

Bumblebee, Give my post a read here, I wrote it as a newbie to other newbies in terms "we" can understand as beginners.

You'll need testing kits--the dropper liquid kind are more accurate than the test strips of paper. If you have any questions after reading my post, please feel free to write back with specific questions, or PM me. Laskey Smile
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Joined: 25 Oct 2004
Location: ontario, canada

PostPosted: 2005.01.23(Sun)14:45    Post subject: Reply with quote

I find it very rude that people ask for advice and then get all snippy and rude when what the hear they don't like, and then when they bring up information that should have been brought up in the first post, I think if your gonna ask for help brace yourself especially if youv'e only gotton information from the petstore! people should not only show respect for one another but kindness as well! Smile
the stars watch us like guardian angels!
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Joined: 05 Feb 2003

PostPosted: 2005.01.23(Sun)21:31    Post subject: Reply with quote

OK, guys, I'm sure this has been cathartic, but we're getting quite a bit off the subject here, degenerating into a bit of a general rant, so I'm going to lock the topic.
We all hate it when people do "x". Or, "x", "y", "z" and then "qrstuv". LOL. The important thing to remember is we're all human, we can't see each other's faces, we have limited time and space here on the boards, so try to take everybody in a good way. The way YOU want to be interpreted when it's been a long day, your spouse is harping at you to get off the computer, and you're trying to convey 15 minutes worth of info in one sentance. Wink
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