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FAQ: Oscar aquarium size? Suitable tank mates?
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Joined: 03 May 2003
Location: Ontario

PostPosted: 2004.02.10(Tue)8:28    Post subject: Reply with quote

No, these 10 and 30 gal tanks are not big enough for these oscars.
If you are planning on getting a bigger tank as your fish grows then why not just start off with that bigger tank and save youself a lot of money, time and agrivation.
I sucessfully have oscars in an aquarium (200 gal) with a lot of different SMALLER fish. a lot of which would fit in there mouths. It can be done. Most of them will actually swim right in front of the oscars without any troubles at all. The biggest problem is putting them in the tank originally and making the first 24 hours. Although there have been chases there have been absolutly no deaths or even near deaths.
This is my mix although MIX is the proper word. I realize that some are african. This is going really well.
2 - tigar oscars almost 12" each These guys don't always get along and I am considering getting rid of Max
1 - Albino tigar oscar aprox 8" in length. She gets along with Elmer often hanging out together. Thats why Max would be the one to leave if any. Originally she was brought to me because she ate all of her tank mates and They didn't like her anymore after that stunt.
NOTE: These oscars are not live feed (fish) (at my house) My daughter does not get along with the idea. They do however get lots of earthworms.
Fish are our friends, she says.
1 - Haplochromis Venustus. Never does anything to exciting. But he is cute.
2 - Haplochromis Species 44. 1 male and 1 female.
2 - Convicts, weird little couple. She digs, he stands guard. He is by far the meanest guy in the tank. Noone goes anywhere within a 12 inch radious of her.
1 - Banded Leporinus, although I was told he would be the meanest fish in the tank, he is not. His name is Freddie - Freddie is really cute.
3 - My favorite, Red Zebra Cichlids. They are yellow. Why do they call them red. They are all over in the tank and noone bothers them even though they are very very small.
1 - Medium sized pleco. Rescued from my friends tank. Underfed as far as I was concerned, he was only about 1 1/2" when I got him now is aprox 7" in size in a very short period of time.
2 - Black sharks, one of which I will find a new home for shortly although they have gone from not getting along at all to leaving each other alone now.
2 - Rainbow sharks, given to me by a friend. One has just reciently died there where 3. But they are very old.
So I do realize that I have a very unlikely mix here however, they do all get along very well. Everyone is always hungry when they eat, the water quality is very good. Everyone grows very nicely with exception of the rainbow sharks which I am sure were done growing long before I got them.
So have at this unlikely group. This may not work in a different situation or a smaller tank. I have always had an extra tank ready to remove anybody that is being tormented but have never had to move any of them. There is a lot of cover if anyone needed a quick get away but once again they are not under cover much at all.
Any and all of the smaller fish will and do actually swim right in front of the oscars, the oscars do not even snap at them or try to eat them.
I have never had any sucess with putting any plants at all in my aquarium as they just dig everything up and make a mess of it. I would like plants but rocks are what I can seem to keep in there. A little to heavy to move I guess.
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New Members

Joined: 07 Feb 2004
Location: Owensboro KY

PostPosted: 2004.02.10(Tue)12:42    Post subject: Reply with quote

I had him in a 30 is because I started it off as a comunity tank. Then I changed my mind and wanted an oscar. He is about 3 inches now, and by the time hes 7 inches I'm going to get him a 75gal. and turn my 30 into an angle or mallawai cichlid tank, and thanks for the information.

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Joined: 25 Mar 2003
Location: Illinois

PostPosted: 2004.02.24(Tue)22:36    Post subject: Reply with quote

just so people don't keep answering to this I would like to add that this was a long time ago Laughing . whatever the problem was it has been resolved
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New Members

Joined: 04 Apr 2004

PostPosted: 2004.04.04(Sun)16:03    Post subject: WHY ARE MY OSCARS NOT FRIENDLY? Reply with quote

Question My Oscars are not friendly! I never scare them. They do recognize me at least. If anyone else comes near the tank they Freak out! I just want to hand feed them like my other ones. If anyone has any info please reply. I have had fish for 15 years and these are the oddest fish. There tank is fine. The best of everything; clean water, enough food, etc. Everything is just fine.They are just not very responsive. Thank you for any help!
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Joined: 15 Jul 2003

PostPosted: 2004.05.16(Sun)11:24    Post subject: Reply with quote

Re: hand feeding oscars...

Hold a pellet just above the surface of the water. See if he will stick his head out of the water and take it from your fingers. If that doesn't work, drop the pellet so that it is floating in the water. Hold your finger tips just above the pellet as if you are holding it. Move you fingers wherever the pellet moves so that when the oscar takes it he has to take it from the place right by your fingers.

Keep trying this process over and over and after a few weeks you might find that the oscar is willing to stick its head out of the water and take the pellet from your fingers.

The main thing is teaching him that if he *wins* and you drop the pellet, he is still going to have to come near you to get it. If you don't do this, he will learn to just wait until he can be clear of you to eat.
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New Members

Joined: 19 May 2004

PostPosted: 2004.05.19(Wed)14:26    Post subject: oscar and jaguar? Reply with quote

I recently lost a 12" tiger oscar and decided to buy a 2" albino from the lfs. I also saw a tank full of 1" jaguar cichlids and decided to try one as a tank mate for the albino. Does anyone have any experience with these two as tank mates, I have read very different reports on the jaguar.
The tank is an 86 gallon and I also have a 12" sailfin pleco and a 6" common pleco in it
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Jason Hall
New Members

Joined: 01 Aug 2004

PostPosted: 2004.08.01(Sun)0:41    Post subject: Reply with quote

shaydawg0279 wrote:
Jack Dempseys aren't all that bad. They are going to be very close to an oscar in terms of temprement. I have a 10 inch male in a 125 gallon who is very docile. The problem is people try to put them in 30 gallons and in tight spaces, they are very nasty. He'll be fine in your 75. Your oscar is more likely to damage than he is.

I have 5 dempseys 2 convist babies and oscar a pleco and a pictus cat in a 30 gallon and the oscar chases the convist but can't catch them but as far as the dempseys go the oscar leaves them alone I am looking at gettind\g a bigger tank soon but as far as aggression goes the pictus cat is always chasing the dempsey's around. all the fish are all still rather small by the way Very Happy

Last edited by Jason Hall on 2004.08.01(Sun)0:55; edited 1 time in total
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Jason Hall
New Members

Joined: 01 Aug 2004

PostPosted: 2004.08.01(Sun)0:54    Post subject: Reply with quote

Carol wrote:

2 - Convicts, weird little couple. She digs, he stands guard. He is by far the meanest guy in the tank. Noone goes anywhere within a 12 inch radious of her.

you could have babies soon they are genrally really mean when breedingwhen my convicts had a fry I had to divide the tank and eventually move the parent and fry to a different tank so keep an eye out Very Happy
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New Members

Joined: 13 Sep 2004
Location: Georgia

PostPosted: 2004.09.13(Mon)19:46    Post subject: Reply with quote

My Jack Dempsey bosses around my tiger and red oscar which are both about his size. I have a really little convict that no one messes with though. I had the two oscars, a green terror (which was 2x bigger than the next closest fish), a Jack Dempsey, a convict, and a midas, but the midas killed the green terror. I may have to put him in his own tank soon, cause he's apparently the hoss of the group. The convict works well with the others, and despite it being the smallest fish, no one messes with him. Plecostomus cat fish get along with everything. Also, I used to have two 12" oscars with two 14" albino cat fish. They got along just fine.
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New Members

Joined: 28 Nov 2004
Location: NC

PostPosted: 2004.11.28(Sun)21:55    Post subject: Learned a lot Reply with quote

This is my first post in this forum. I read every post in this thread, great info and great stories, Thanks a bunch. I actually got convicted about half way through the second or third page and went and vaccummed my tank before I finnished, and change about 50% of the water.

There wae one post about Hole in the head disease, I lost a Red Oscar to that and am now more concerned than ever about the other one gettint or having it. I noticed on one post it said that an Oscar should be agressive at feeding, I have noticed him not being very excited about feeding lately, and he hangs around the heater sometimes. The tank is about 75 deg. most of the time, very little fluctuation in temp. that I can see. Any suggestions??

Also I am convinced now after the night of reading that my tank is definetly overcrowded and needs an upgrade. Either that or maybe the fish will need a new home, my bigger Oscar is beautifull, brilliant reds, I think that the bright blue substrait accents it well.

I really wnated to thank you all for the posts, I loved reading them, a lot of info that applies to what I want to do.

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