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Q for a friend
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Joined: 24 Aug 2004
Location: Cape Town, South Africa

PostPosted: 2004.12.14(Tue)8:42    Post subject: Q for a friend Reply with quote

A colleague of mine asked me for advice on her above-ground goldfish pond/tank. She recently bought a new floating plant for her tankpond and has since been plagued by algae, which she thinks 'came' with the plant. She wants to know a) what's causing the algae and b) how to get rid of it.

I'm housesitting for her from next Monday so I'll be able to give more info then, but from my POV it sounds as though she's having a bloom due to excess nutrients. I'll take my testkits and check it out, but she wants to know if putting some kind of algae eater in would get a jumpstart on the algae Question I know next to nothing about goldfish, so thought I'd ask.

Right now have no idea about her exact tankpond setup, except that she thinks it's about 160 L , and has 4 goldies - one comet, an oranda, a veiltail and a calico (which I identified for her after she described them to me... v chuffed w/self, since def. not an expert on goldies! Cool ). She feeds every other day, but doesn't net out excess food, and it's been damn hot lately - I reckon that's the root of her prob.
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Joined: 05 Feb 2003
Location: Houston TX

PostPosted: 2004.12.14(Tue)8:54    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sounds like you are right and if she's not doing proper maintenance on the pond there will be more problems in the near future. I'd suggest for her to find a new home for the comet. It'll get way too long for her pond in a short period of time. Goldies are huge waste producers and since it's so warm where you are the warmth and the excess ammonia are causing algae to run rampant. I would actually add some more plants, especially if the pond is not properly shaded.

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