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[READY] Rasbora hengeli "Porkchop or Slender Rasbora
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Joined: 07 Nov 2004

PostPosted: 2004.12.04(Sat)23:36    Post subject: [READY] Rasbora hengeli "Porkchop or Slender Rasbora Reply with quote

Scientific Name: Trigonostigma hengeli
Other names: Hengel's Rasbora, Slender Harlequin

Origin: Asia(Sumatra, Borneo)
Adult size: 1.5"
Social: Peaceful, needs several companions of same species
Tank level: Middle-top
Tank size: 24"
Diet: Readily accepts commercially available foods
pH: Slightly acidic
Temperature: 78-82 F

This small Rasbora is a delightful fish with a shy temperment.

The markings on their bodies are a brilliant orange "Nike" up side down "swoosh" with a black line below. Colouring and contrast between the orange and black become more intense when they feel good and are well fed. Most of the body of this fish is translucent and you can see their guts.

These fish live in swampy dark waters and slow flowing streams of SE Asia. They are excellent swimmers and judging by their body style they should be kept in a 24" tank to satisfy their swimming needs. Like many schooling fish they need to be kept in groups to make them feel comfortable and secure. These fish are small as adults, so tank mates should also be calm and not able to gobble them up with a single gulp. Lighting and currents from filters should be kept to a minimum.

In the past Rasbora hengeli have been confused with Rasbora espei and have recently(1999) been reclassified into the Trigonostigma family.

I have fed my Rasbora hengeli fish flakes, tubifex worms and sinking pellets and they have enjoyed them all.

I am curious about their lifespan. Question

Well this post is a combination of my experiences and also information from other webpages and books.

Tried to get pics in this post, but couldn't for some reason. Question

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Joined: 07 Nov 2004

PostPosted: 2004.12.04(Sat)23:43    Post subject: Reply with quote

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Marcos Avila

Joined: 05 Feb 2003
Location: Hiroshima (JP)

PostPosted: 2005.01.01(Sat)4:59    Post subject: Reply with quote

This submission also looks ready to me...thanks!
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