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Shark attack in South Africa: major rant and long post
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Joined: 03 Dec 2004
Location: Ohio,US

PostPosted: 2004.12.05(Sun)13:37    Post subject: Reply with quote

I agree with your anger. Why do people think that humans are superior and the whole world was put here for us. I think we should learn natural behavior af other animals and instead of changing it to fit our needs , learn to respect it and work our lives around it. It's not just all people who are created equally but all living things. Crying or Very sad
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Joined: 24 Aug 2004
Location: Cape Town, South Africa

PostPosted: 2004.12.23(Thu)1:03    Post subject: New madness Reply with quote

Rolling Eyes This will amuse you

Aah, I think daftness must be catching. The local response to "the shark menace" has been to employ - get this - a shark spotter.

Rolling Eyes *ROTFLMAO* Laughing

The idea being that this person will spend all day from 6am to 6pm on a cliff above Fish Hoek beach (where the recent attack took place) with a pair of binoculars, watching for sharks. And if he sees a shark, he'll press a buzzer (sponsored by a local security company) that lets off a hooter at the beach telling everybody to get out the water.

Do they not understand that most people attacked by sharks never see them? Since they attack from below?

The new shark spotter used to be, I believe, one of the local bums, and approached the Surf/Lifesaving club with this idea off his own bat. He's now getting paid by the municipality to sit in the sun all day, and look at the sea. It's a good scam.

But I see we here don't have a monopoly on stupidity as in Qld, Australia, the local govt has given the go-ahead for the shark that killed a kid last week to be hunted down and killed. I can just picture it as an episode on a tv cop show: "suspect is approximately five meters long, dark grey above, white below, last seen heading out into the Pacific. Suspect is armed to the teeth...uh, with teeth... and is considered dangerous. Use of deadly force has been authorised."

Yeah, I can see how easy it would be to catch the right shark! Rolling Eyes Laughing
"Nothing is written."
-Peter O'Toole in Lawrence of Arabia
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travis simonson

Joined: 21 Nov 2004
Location: Englewood, CO

PostPosted: 2004.12.23(Thu)1:38    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ah, but to some the appearance of taking action is all important. If they can appear to be doing something about a problem, even if there is no viable solution, the public can be soothed and clout can be gained. It reminds me of the time, right after September 11th here in the States, when it was noted that many of the dams on the reservoirs providing water for New York City were vulnerable to terrorist attack. Some quick-thinking politician had signs erected at the entrances to the roads passing over these dams stating: "No large trucks permitted." Ingenious! Yeah, that's going to stop them. Good thinking.

I'm starting to go off on politicians again, sorry Embarassed
"When I held that gun in my hand, I felt a surge of power ... like God must feel when he's holding a gun."
-Homer Simpson
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