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Flower horn
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Joined: 13 Nov 2004
Location: SAN DIEDO,CA

PostPosted: 2004.11.18(Thu)14:13    Post subject: Flower horn Reply with quote

Today is a sad day. My flower horn is gonna have to go. She was given to be about a year ago by my boyfriends work buddie and all her fins were practically bit off and she was in pretty bad shape. I"ve gotton her in perfect condition and her fins are long and beautiful. She"s was too big to keep in my 40g hospital tank so I moved her to my 120g that has my Oscar in it. It went well for about 4 months until today I went in there and Oscar was laying on his side. I moved her back to the 40g and he"s swimming around again and begging for food although he is a little shook up and isn"t doing his usual tricks and he has some knicks on his side. I called one of the bigger fish stores in my area and they said I could go down there and give her to them. I"m just worried about doing that cause she's is such a funny girl. She doen"t like to eat anything other the the hikari med pellets. All my other fish like mix of frozen and flake food but not her. She does have some great qualities though. Unlike most FH she comes over to me and begs for food isn"t shy at all and is a lot like my oscar. Well the reason I"m writting this is because I would much rather find a home for her than give her to a lfs. If there"s anybody in the San Diego area intrested my email is SNYDER2050@YAHOO.COM
She would need at least and 80g tank (she"s already @ 8 or 9 inches long.)
Sorry I don"t have a pic. I"ll hang onto her for a couple of weeks in the 40g I"ll try and get a pic of her up soon. Hope to hear something soon. Thanks.
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