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29 Set up
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PostPosted: 2003.03.26(Wed)14:53    Post subject: 29 Set up Reply with quote

Just starting to think about what I'd like to put into my 29G (currently in my basement). I currently have a 10G that's doing well....but I'm going to move it all into my 29 once I have room for it.
Would this selection work? (I'll probably just do low light corals...not sure exactly what yet - mushrooms, polyps, zoanthids)

3 Occellaris Clowns
Bi Color Blenny or Scooter Blenny
Flame Angel?
Sixline Wrasse
2 Serpent Stars
1 Choc Chip Starfish
Maybe 1 other starfish - red linkia?

Any other suggestions for an active/peaceful tank??
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Joined: 06 Feb 2003
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

PostPosted: 2003.03.26(Wed)19:24    Post subject: hi Reply with quote

it would probably be better to get a pair of clowns. as they say twos company threes a crowd. though I have heard that they are peacful enough to be in small schools. A nice peacful fish would be a firefish or a purple fire fish. though I wouldn't add the angel. a low bio load would be best. Also bi colour blennies or Manderin Gobbies are a chalanging fish to keep they need to be feed anphipods and copepods but they somtimesthey will eat live brineshrimp if they can get it before the other fish. Very Happy good luck with your 29
32g planted community
7.5g Nano Reef
1 four legged wonder napper
2 winged demons
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PostPosted: 2003.03.27(Thu)11:51    Post subject: Reply with quote

hey I have a 29 sw fish tank and I have had it sence christmas and it is doing really well, your tank sounds like its going to look better then mine I wish I had the lightin to grow anenomens. two clows would look nice . I am going to get two clowns next fish. I have had a snowflake eel for about 4 weeks now and it hasn't eaten, I have been dong some reading and some peolpe say sp should be 019 but others say .022 what do you think I hope that I don't kill the fish I added a half cup of salt now. I have a yellow tang and a huma huma trigger he is doing really good I bought a loin fish even though I knew that my tank was not big enough and two days later it died, when I put it in the tank the snowflake rushed over and started attacking it that was cool to see but man it pissed me off and I got to feed it once before it died. your tank sounds nice
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Joined: 12 Feb 2003

PostPosted: 2003.03.27(Thu)13:59    Post subject: Reply with quote

Monster - The ocellaris clowns are a good choice. Probably will only want to go with either one or two though. I don't know much about blennies or wrasses so I cannot comment. The flame angel is a gorgeous fish, but be forewarned, they are not actually reef safe. Some will pick at corals, while other will not, while other may not initially, and then just one day decide to start. It's kind of a gamble. I think also the chocolate chip is not reefsafe either. Also remeber to wait a few weeks between each addition of livestock to let the biological filter catch up to the new bioload. It is great that you came to this board to get some info before proceeding, but what you don't find here, you will still want to research before purchasing. Hope that this was helpful.

Tyler - I responded to a previous thread that you had posted and so did Pandora. I am hoping that you will heed to the advice that was given. You should not be adding more fish to your already overcrowded aquarium. If you are planning on adding these clowns only after removing several of your other fish, that should work. Please do some reading on this hobby before making any more purchases.

Also the manner in which you added the salt was not the best. If you want to increase your salinity, you should be doing is slowly, by adding salt to your topoff water that you add daily. Remembr your SG is automatically going up as water evaporates from your tank. Only water is leaving your tank through evaporation, and not salt. You should never just dump undissolved salt directly to your tank. First off, this can easily cause osmotic shock, which can seriously injure or kill your fish. Also, how could you even have known how much that that 1/2 cup of salt would raise your salinity? Please do not think that I am trying to take the fun out of this hobby for you. But remember, this is a hobby, and every hobby takes a bit of time and research. I cannot imagine that you can be having that much fun seeing your fish suffer and die. Once again, please do some reading and research before taking any more actions.
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Joined: 07 Feb 2003

PostPosted: 2003.03.28(Fri)10:11    Post subject: Reply with quote


I would go with a pair of clowns most generally if you get a 3rd it becomes an xtra wheel and 2 will pair off. chances are the 3rd will get picked on, alienated, or even killed by the pair.

as far as the blennies keep in mind the bicolor is a vegetarian and may eat foods like alge pellets or dried nori. where the scooter is a meat eater and needs pods in its diet. the scooter is actually a dragonette same family as the mandarin. if you decide on the scooter I would ask your lfs if you could see if it eats prepared foods like brine, bloodworms.

then I would pick one more fish not both because you would be pushing your limits on stocking. flames are supposed to be mostly reef safe but some have been known to pick, where others behave themselves.
the 6 line would be a nice choice but if you plan on adding snails or shrimp they may go after them they won't harm corals

serpent stars are nice but with your size tank id only go with one they can get quite large. the chocolat chips are a good choice for a fish only tank they are coral eaters. id say your best bet would be a linkia or 1 serpent

read this article
I hope that clears up some things for ya

I answered another post by you today so if you read this first check it out

saltwater range is considered 1.021-1.024 as long as your in that range your good if you drop below 1.021 you get into high range brackish

you should always premix your salt water before adding to the tank mix it and measure the salinity. get a bucket and a cheap pwr head or air stone and throw it in there to circulate the water mix your salt and let it go for a while most reccomend a day to let it circulate. 12 hrs at the least I usually let it in there for a day myself. never add salt directly to your tank with fish or corals because the salt can actually burn them and you can injure your livestock. mix it first
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