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PostPosted: 2003.03.27(Thu)23:37    Post subject: more info.. Reply with quote

nope. tank has cycled twice. I test the water daily because fish keep dying. saw 2 ammonia spikes. tank has been up for almost 3 months. I have been reading ( bought 2 books before setting up the tank & several posts here). also have tried 3 LFS. nobody gives a warranty longer than 48 hours. and of course the fish die in 3-4 days & usually very suddenly. have even talked to my uncle & cousin who both have SW tanks. nobody seems to have any idea what is going on. quess I'll probably end up selling everything & walking away. I knew this would be an expensive hobby & that it wouldn't be piece of cake to do. but this is ridiculous. all the LFS try to point the finger at me even after they test water before I buy a fish & then again after the fish die. they tell me I'm not feeding them enough, feeding too much, that the emperor 280 can't handle 3 small fish but when I bought it "it was a great filter & would work". was told the regal tang wouldn't bother the clownfish but after those 3 fish died, they tell me the clownfish probably killed the tang. but they don't know what killed the clownfish. I quess since I didn't buy the $1,000 filtration set-up & the $500 light set-up, I'm not an important enough customer Sad oh well, good luck to the rest of you w/ your tanks.
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PostPosted: 2003.03.28(Fri)6:50    Post subject: Re: MORE INFO... Reply with quote

SPENCER wrote:
IF I can't get already prepared water from the LFS, I use bottled water(reverse filtered, exposed to UV light) & add stress coat to it(per instructions). But that only gets used occasionally. I know only the damsels made it thru 2 water changes. some fish never even lived long enuff for 1 water change. some were added a day or 2 after a water change. some were added a day or 2 before a water change. same results. swim around for 3-4 days then died. and yes they were eating. I even added the regal tang & some brine shrimp at the same time so he would have something to eat & feel comfortable. he did eat & so did the clownfish. also fed the some brine shrimp to my convicts and they are still alive, so I don't believe it was the brine shrimp.

Do you mean you aren't adding salt to the water when you do a water change? I also don't remember if you have all the test kits besides ammonia. Nitrite and nitrate kits. Maybe even KH and gH kits. Also, if you saw 2 ammonia spikes your tank wasn't cycled the first time. It may not even be cycled now. If your tank hasn't gone through the ammonia then nitrIte spikes and then fall to 0 then it isn't cycled.

That's all I can think of right now, but doin't give up due to a few mistakes. Pointing your finger right back at the lfs when they aren't the ones taking care of your fish isn't the way to go either.
"Feminae bene moratea historiam raro faciunt"
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PostPosted: 2003.04.17(Thu)16:38    Post subject: Reply with quote

when I first got into salt water I had 3 clowns and then went out and got a lion first thing it did was suck up 1 of the clowns,call it bad judgement on my part and even worse advice from a no longer in business petshop.
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PostPosted: 2003.04.17(Thu)16:50    Post subject: Reply with quote

are you adding the freshly made salt water the same day you mix it?
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PostPosted: 2003.04.22(Tue)20:58    Post subject: Reply with quote

I get the funny feeling that despite everything else you've bought, you never bought a good book on the subject of marine aquarium keeping. I might be wrong, but I've seen that very situation so many times it's almost funny.
Do yourself a big favor. Instead of buying more fish, but a book that will teach you how to keep them alive. I suggest "The New Marine Aquarium" by a buddy of mine, Mike Paletta. It's cheap, yet one of the best books currently on the market. Another good one is "The Conscientious marime Aquarist" by Bob Fenner.
Don't rely on the advice of some harried goober at the pet store. he's just trying to sell you something. Before you buy, find out just what you need and what to do with it.
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Joined: 06 Feb 2003

PostPosted: 2003.04.22(Tue)20:59    Post subject: Reply with quote

As kthe petshop how the fish are collected? if they are not CB are hand caught, they may have been caught usign cyanide poison, which makes fish dopey and easy to bad they die after a couple weeks after exposure, and that the cyanide kills many other fish and destroys coral as well.

Personally, a conservation minded person, I'd go for CB fish.
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