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Joined: 07 Feb 2003
Location: Transplanted Canuck in Ohio

PostPosted: 2003.04.03(Thu)15:26    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well ... the ponds 2 feet deeper, it has plenty of places for the koi to hide, the plants will be set into it in another week, along with the fish. So what do I find laying in the pond basking in the sunlight today? A water snake. The coons I can deal with as I can scare those SOB's away, but this thing just laid there and glared at me! No wonder the neighbors laughed when they asked what I was diggin...

Any suggestions before I shoot it?

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Joined: 15 Mar 2003
Location: new york

PostPosted: 2003.04.03(Thu)17:00    Post subject: Reply with quote

To put it lightly, you have really no other choice, those things can be vicous, I have seen a bunch of them in a pond a few minutes from my house, where my pond is. And it has always worried me, because I have had frogs, snapping turtles, and birds come down from their, but they all went on their merry way (except the frogs, but they don't damage anything). So I would suggest you find the quickest way of removing the snake, How big is it? You really won't have anyother choices other than to get rid of it cause you can't get keep it from getting into the pond. But you never know, the coons may get to the snake before you do, and then you will have lucked out.
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Joined: 06 Feb 2003

PostPosted: 2003.04.06(Sun)15:36    Post subject: Reply with quote

A water snake is not something you want around at all...

If you have a pressure washer and it just sits there looking at you, give it a quick blast. Won't kill it(at least I don't think so), but it will take off in a hurry because that will really hurt.

Another thing... since its pretty bold I'm gonna assume it won't jump in the water if you got to within shovel distance of it.

you could call pest control about the snake also.
There is nothing wrong with you that completely changing your entire personality wouldn't fix.
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Joined: 01 Apr 2003

PostPosted: 2003.04.27(Sun)17:31    Post subject: Reply with quote

Surprised maybe you could... use the hamster method.
1. place a big container, high enough so the [racoon] will not be able to jump out, on a flat surface and secure.
2. Make a small ladder, or a small step, with for example, books, and make a path into the container, but not out.
3. Put food or other [racoon] attractive material in the container.
4. sleep, and wake up to find a [racoon] Very Happy then you can bury it alive! (or sell it on ebay)

Surprised... or just go destroy their house.
:d my last house had a racoon problem,
and my dad decided to make the backyard 100% grass,
and buldozed the whole backyard's forest area.
Very Happy ever since then, all I see in the backyard is deer.
people keep telling me I look like a 16 year old but I'm actually 18 .. XD
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PostPosted: 2003.04.30(Wed)8:24    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have a BB gun as well as a regular hunting rifle. the BB doesn't kill the coon, just scares the bejesus out of it as long as you don't shoot the coon, just near it. and BBs are legal where I live. we have a possum problem here too. I live in N florida. water snakes, snapping turtles are problems. you have to kill the water snake, if you just trap it, it will just come back and eat your fish, or bite you. we have water mocassins here. I found one in my pond once, I immediately ran inside got my rifle and killed it. those things are vicious, when you approach it with a shovel, it will immediately try and strike. and they're very poisonous. we also have alligators to deal with as well. my neighbor found a 3 foot gator in his pond one day. he was feeding his fish, when he noticed a "branch" floating in the water. the branch had eyes! Shocked he called pest control, they sent out a trapper and the trapper caught it. the trapper sold the gators hide and meat. oddly enough, depending on where you live, gators are actually great for keeping coons, possums, and birds out of your pond. you can buy a fake gator and float it in your pond. the other predators won't go near it. you may run the risk of a real gator joining the fake, but usually since gators are territorial and live alone, another gator won't try and live in your pond either.
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