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PostPosted: 2003.03.16(Sun)12:26    Post subject: Refugiums Reply with quote

I have a lot of questions regarding them. I am considering buying/installing a refugium off my tank. I want to replenish/restore a healthy 'pod' population. Maybe then I can have a mandarin in my tank with enough to browse on.

1. I have seen the brand, Aquafuge. It looks like a good product. Anyone with experience with it? Is bigger better? I am considering an 18" long one.

2. I presume a separate light fixture is required. The online store I visited had a florescent fixture associated with it. A grow-light bulb is typical?

3. What is the effect of the UV filter (on my main tank's filter) on copepods?

4. Would people recommend I get the hardware and support from the store (where the hardware is about 50% more expensive), or can I get what I need online and go to the store for support and algae/live sand?

5. What is the time from when you start up a refugium until you have a healthy and stable copepod population?

Thanks for your help.
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Joined: 07 Feb 2003

PostPosted: 2003.03.17(Mon)7:25    Post subject: Reply with quote

I don't run a refugium but have looked and considered these type before so ill help as much as I can

this looks like a very easy simple set up for adding a refugium it actually wouldnt take much to have a fuge its basically just a safe haven for critters to multiply and a place to put macros.

as far as the lighting I think that would be your peference some peope run them with lights some do not. some I have read run these with standard fishtank lighting but I've also seen tanks run a fuge with no light but I guess with macros you would want some type of lighting. they do have a lighting fixture just for this fuge but thats up to the reefer if they want it or not

the uv they kill bacteria good and bad it can help with the bad and ugly alges, ick, and other diseases but at the same time it can kill the good bacteria in a tank. this is another topic thats being argued some people swear by them while others will not use them

heres an article on the pros and cons of the uv sterilizer

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Joined: 08 Feb 2003
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PostPosted: 2003.03.17(Mon)18:50    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi spsk, sorry I haven't been around lately. I have the same Aquafuge as you're asking about, and have had it for about a year. Though they are on the expensive side for a HOB peripheral unit, I really like them and mine has been running excellently. If you are interested in one, read some of my BellaOnline articles on beginner saltwater (linked from the pinned notes at the top of this forum); they do include pictures of my 'fuge, which is the 24" one.

1) Bigger is in general better, mostly because it will get better flow and you can raise more pods and macros. But you should get the size appropriate for your tank.

2) Yes, you will probably need a separate light. The CPR Aquafuge does not sell with a light unit included, though some sites will have a discount on a Jalli light which can be matched to it. You should just make sure that it is included; most sites will only show a picture of the light with the 'fuge but not actually include it. I run mine with a JKS german style PC light. You can sometimes get away with a NO (normal output) fluorescent, which I assume is what you mean by grow-light (if it is the one I'm thinking of, it is just a special spectrum for growing plants, but the output is still not high output, like power compact fluorescents are; so you won't really be able to grow your caulerpa as well). If you are confused about high output vs. low output lighting, please check my pinned note at the top, there are links to 3 sites which talk specifically about marine choices.

3) The UV filter will have no effect on them. It only affects microscopic organisms which actually pass through the water filtration, and copepods are too big. UV filters are not a necessary component of most tanks, and there it is debatable whether or not they are even that beneficial for reef tanks.

4) Well, that really depends. As a beginner, I do suggest you at least build some sort of working relationship with a knowledgeable store (though that may take some trial and error just to find one that knows what they are talking about and gives good advice in itself). Then, you can ask people questions, and you still aren't obligated to buy. You can buy some of your equipment there, and for more expensive items, you can decide whether or not you want to shop around and look at different models in person, possibly getting some from online when there is a large price discrepency. Live sand, I would suggest that you try to get from neither; join a reefing club in your area, and start to meet other local hobbyists. You can get a cup or two of seed sand there for free instead of paying what amounts to rather expensive prices online (when overnight shipping is included). Also, if you do buy a large amount from a brick-and-mortar marine store, they really should give you live seed sand to start you off for free anyway (just a cup or two to seed your setup, that's all you need). You will get all the bacteria you really need this way, though a diverse mix of copepods and larger dentrivores may require going through an online site that specializes in them, such as IPSF (links all included in the pinned note).

5) I would say at least 2 months or more. Any kind of marine system takes a while to stabilize. You should start seeing them multiply in about a month if everything goes well.
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