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Purchasing a pond!!!
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Joined: 07 Mar 2004
Location: Illinois

PostPosted: 2004.03.27(Sat)11:58    Post subject: Purchasing a pond!!! Reply with quote

OK Guys, I'm sure this topic has been covered and recovered many times on this board, but I'm lacking the time to go through the board and search for answers, besides Id like to hear opinions/advice that relate directly to the info I give you........

I recently set up a 55 gallon malawi cichlid tank... First tank ever... It went/is going so smooth and the time of year is just right(in illinois) and this tank inspired me to put a pond in with my landscaping......I'm totally enveloped in my tank, but I have no knowledge of ponds, goldfish, koi, or any other good outside/ cold water fish... What is the difference between goldfish and koi for starters??? I'm not real keen on either of the two but I will keep them if that is what is suggested but what are some other good fish to keep in a pond?? Can I mix any fish?? Goldfish with others, etc??? Are there any kind of algae eaters/ plecos/ snails/ bottom feeders I can put in the pond to help it along??? Do I need to cycle the pond and if so how to?? Just like a tank???? These are just some of the fish keeping questions....... Will post more if I have them......

Second is about the pond itself..... I'm not a millionaire.... and don't have an endless supply of money to pour into the pond..... Id like a decent sized one however....... I have plenty of room and lots of possible places to put the pond... So can someone give me the range of "good-sized," ponds??? And as well how much an experienced person would go about shopping for and spending on just the pond itself??? Furthermore how much should I expect to spend on a "good-sized," pond... What other "little things," do I need to go with it???? Filters, heaters, powerheads, air pumps,etc.........????

Lastly I'm going back to the first set of questions, and these relate to the price of the fish.... Approx. how much does one spend on Goldfish/koi/ pond fish??? ANd living in illinois(cold winters) what is the best thing to do with the fish during the winter?? I know an LFS owner keeps her fish in the pond but never discussed what kind of losses she takes on them......If I keep them in the pond or have to move them what kind of losses am I risking?? Will I need to restock every year??? Mind you I will care for/maintain it very well.....
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Joined: 11 Mar 2003
Location: St.Louis. MO

PostPosted: 2004.04.11(Sun)13:18    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey. My parents just did a pond this year( we had one but we enlarged it and did lots of scaping around it to sort of go with the pool). We are in St. Louis, MO and used Jeff's Lawn Care which landscapes and deals with ponds also. I think the total was around $9,500 after negotiating and it is a hand dug, rock laid, pond which holds a little over 1000 gallons with water fall and everything. I can try and get some pics to give you an idea but look them up in the phone book and give em a call. They do great work and even come out in the fall to put the screen cover over thepond, and clean it out in the spring. Good luck let me know if you want pics.


OPh and Koi get very large and goldfish don't get as big. (I think that is the main diff.)
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