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Zoanthus sp. (pulchellus?)
Green Sea Mat

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Green Sea Mat - Zoanthus sp. (26kb)
Photo Credit: Thiago Somera

Name: Zoanthus sp. (pulchellus?)
Care CurrentLighting
Origin: Atlantic (?)
Easy Medium Bright


Sea Mat: Mat-like colonies with polyps with a blue fringe of tentacles on the outside oral disc. Mainly eat Zooxanthellae and dissolved organic matter. Most don't eat meaty foods, but some do like finely chopped foods. Good beginners coral and very many types of colourations. Harmful to other corals when touching. Hope this information helps :)

Contributed by Simon

For some people its a weed that chokes their more expensive corals. For others they are the Holy Grail. Their seemingly limitless color morphs and variety have made them the baseball trading card of the reef community. Easy to take care of and will grow nicely under 4 Watts a gallon lighting. Their needs vary between varieties (I currently have 11 different types in my tank). Watch how they react in different areas of flow and lighting. One shade of zoo will react quite differently than another shade in the same area. They are the perfect coral for Beginners and Nano-reefs and I highly recommend them for any reef tank to add color and variety.

Contributed by Philip Levanda

I currently have a colony of zoanthus which lives in my 30 L nano reef. I have had it for 2 months and it already has started to multiply and spread under 1.5 W/L of 6500 K lighting. I keep them in 24C water but the tank has already reached 28C on a hot day and they have been fine. The various colour morphs happen by mutation. Some zoanthus colonies are more likely to mutate than other. To improve your chances of colour mutation provide good lighting, good water quality and reasonable places to spread too. My clownfish in the tank also likes to rub up against their open polyps now and then, but they just close up and seem to take a good beating as the rock their on regularly falls polyps down on the sand. Very good beginner coral and a good space filler.

Contributed by Andrew Brown

These are among the hardiest corals for the beginner reefer. I have had zoos for over 2 years. I was worried that my zoos and other corals would perish when I had to move. However, after some time cycling and patience they are growing very fasy and very big. They are a terrific filler coral, spread quite nicely and mix color with other zoos nearby. Very neat. I feed all my coral phytonplanton, zooplankton, and various other finely crushed foods.

Contributed by Frank LaPoint

By far the best starter coral! There are thousands of color morphs. The most popular seems to be the blue color morph. These corals will range in color from orange to brown, red to blue, and any color you can imagine. These are very hardy corals. If you have too many you can just frag off some polyps and sell them to your local fish store.

Contributed by Alex Hutton

I bought this coral 2 months ago from my LFS. It's a cool coral with fascinating colours. Whenever my cousins come over they really spot this coral out from all my other corals. It has 100's of tiny little polyps all over the rock which extend out slighty to my bright metal halide lighting. I also have macro algae growing on the rock, which makes this coral even cooler. I feed this coral with a aquirt of Koral Fluid 2-3 times a week. I would recommend this coral to all except for people currently keeping angels, because they devour this coral in about 2 weeks, which I personally experienced the previous time I kept this coral.

Contributed by Patrick Dilanchian

I'm setting up a nano reef in my 35 L BiUbe and have put a frag of zoo in it. Although it wasnt looking too happy to start with and a couple of days later I discovered 2 bristleworms having a munch on them, they are now opening up nicely and 2 new polyps have opened up too. So Im well chuffed. Although I've been keeping fish for over 15 years Ive never tried marines, this is my first and its websites like this that have helped me immensely.

Contributed by Paul

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