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Tubastraea sp.
Orange Cup Coral, Sun Coral

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Orange Cup Coral/Sun Coral - Tubastraea sp. (28kb)
Photo Credit: Thiago Somera

Name: Tubastraea sp.
Care CurrentLighting
Origin: Indo-Pacific
Hard Strong Any


High maintenance coral that requires constant feeding to ensure survival. Only for the truly dedicated reef aquarist. Not recommended for captivity.

Contributed by Gary Majchrzak

I have found that this coral prefers to be in a cave or subdued light. If shrimp is introduced to the water, the polyp heads will open and after 20 minutes or so I then feed directly onto the heads using a syringe. By doing this two or three times a week I have kept a healthy specimen for over a year.

Contributed by Will West

I have been doing saltwater fins for about a year now. Finally started a reef tank. I have found the same results as above that this coral likes low light and current. I have been feeding mine live phytoplankton. It has been doing well. It only comes out at night or when the hood light is turned off. It seems to like natural low light or incandescent room lighting.

Contributed by Mike Dionne

I actually remove my Orange cup from the water on the piece of live rock it is on, then sprinkle freeze dried brine shrimp or place frozen mysis directly inside the cup, then place it back. The food is slimed and it opens enough to eat it all within a few minutes. I have had mine for over a year now, and it has spread new cups to other parts of the same rock. Maybe not the most natural way to feed, however it works for me, and I am ensured that it is getting enough to eat this way.

Contributed by Randy Burchfield

I have had mine for 2 months and it has grown from 5 heads to 12 in the first month. I use C-balance and coral vital and DT's plankton with good results. I use 1 capful 3x a week.

Contributed by Christopher Parker

I have kept two marine aquariums for four years. My reef aquarium is 570 L, 2 meters in length. I have a number of different corals, including a sun coral. I have had it for about two months now and I have noticed 13 new heads have appeared. I feed it twice day. In the morning I hand feed each head with Kent marine liquid food using a syringe, and in the afternoon I hand feed it live brine shrimp directly into each head, also using a syringe. It seems to like a moderate amount of current and should be given a shady place in the aquarium. It seems to be thriving.

Contributed by Cameron Leverell

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