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Plerogyra sp.
Pearl Bubble Coral, Octobubble Coral, Bladder Coral, Grape Coral

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Pearl Bubble Coral - Plerogyra sp. (28kb)
Photo Credit: Thiago Somera

Name: Plerogyra sp. (flexuosa?)
Care CurrentLighting
Origin: Indo-Pacific
Easy Medium Medium


Bubble corals are the one of the best beginner corals that anyone could have. I speak from experience because it was the first coral I have ever cared for, and I still have it thriving in my 55 liter micro tank. Many people told me to leave micro's to more experienced keepers, and to move on to a big tank. Unfortunately, I was on a budget (which is terrible for a reef keeper) and was hesitantly pointed into the direction of the bubble coral. Bubble corals can take 25-30C temperature and still do well. It extends its tentacles every once and a while, and I wouldn't recommend placing it near other corals. Excellent beginner coral for those who would like to skip the mushrooms as their first step.

Contributed by a visitor

Low to medium light needed. Easy maintenance. Very hardy and highly recommended for beginners.

Contributed by Edmund Verghese

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