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Pachyclavularia sp.
Green Star Polyp

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Photos & Comments

Green Star Polyp - Pachyclavularia sp. (28kb)
Photo Credit: Philip Levanda

Name: Pachyclavularia sp.
Care CurrentLighting
Origin: Indo-Pacific
Easy Medium Medium


I have this in my tank. Mine likes to be in the path of the filter returns. It is very prolific and easy to propagate. This can be done in a very similar manner to dividing perennial flowers - just pull it apart! I started with one bunch two years ago and now I have more than I can handle!

Contributed by Marsha Rucker

My green star is growing very quickly seems to like the current a lot. It almost doubled in size in about a year. I broke off a large piece for my new reef tank and it's doing very well in there too.

Contributed by Julia Edwards

My Green Star isn't growing. Not exactly sure why, considering I have Green Button Polyp along with Yellow Polyps and Sun Polyps that I have to give away every six months or so due to the unprecedented amount of growth they go through. I put my Green Star high in the tank directly under a power head for optimal light exposure and water flow, I even directly feed it, yet it doesn't grow.

Contributed by Jesse Gonzalez

This is a great coral to start with. This coral is very hardy if the condition is acceptable. These corals are in a dash of green and brown. My coral likes medium current, and medium-strong lighting. I have had it now for a month.

Contributed by Brandon Hamamoto

I have this on the bottom of my tank. I put it in the sand bed because it grows like a weed on my live rock. On the sand bed it looks great, with minimal growth.

Contributed by Darth Baiter

I received a shipment of these that was torn all apart. However, each piece has survived and grown under normal output fluorescents. These are a great beginner coral.

Contributed by Kevin

I have a 10x10 cm piece of live rock completely covered with these, I have it in the bottom of the tank on the sand, with a healthy current and PC lighting. Easy coral in my opinion.

Contributed by Dennis

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