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Nemenzophyllia turbida
Jasmine Fox Coral, Ridge Coral

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Photos & Comments

Jasmine Fox Coral - Nemenzophyllia turbida.jpg (27kb)
Photo Credit: Thiago Somera

Name: Nemenzophyllia turbida
Care CurrentLighting
Origin: Indo-Pacific
Easy Low Medium


The fox coral was my first coral, my wife referring to it as a flower. I have it in a 200 liter reef tank and it is flourishing very well. I add weekly calcium and reef supplements. I have only had a tank set up for 7 months and this is my favorite coral. I only have VHO lights, which so far seem to work.

Contributed by Ralph Niederlander Sr.

In my tank this coral seems to annoy my fish a bit. Other than that it is very pretty and easy to keep, I would recommend it for beginners!

Contributed by Jayne

Beautiful, relatively easily kept LPS, fluorescing well under actinic lighting. Its skeleton is brittle and can be damaged by rough handling. Comes from lagoon areas and turbid waters, so doesn't like much water flow.

Contributed by Steven young

The fox coral is a beautiful, fairly easy to maintain coral. Its base is fragile, so anyone wishing to move a fox coral should do so with care. I would recommend this coral to reefkeepers wanting beautiful starter corals for their reef tanks.

Contributed by Valeen Gonzalez

I have kept the Fox Coral in my 570 liter reef tank for about 8 months and it has done excellent under metal halide lighting. Also comes out to its full extent and it looks incredible. I recommend this coral to anyone who is trying to keep it. It's one very attractive coral.

Contributed by Hammond Tong

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