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Euphyllia parancora
Branching Hammer Coral, Anchor Coral

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Branching Hammer Coral - Euphyllia parancora (27kb)
Photo Credit: Thiago Somera

Name: Euphyllia parancora
Care CurrentLighting
Origin: Indo-Pacific
Easy Low Medium


Torch, Hammer, Anchor, Frogspawn, Fine grape or Whiskers Coral: Hammer shaped polyps that give this coral its most recognisable name. Free-living normally flat plate. Likes placing of coral near substrate or on substrate. Has a symbiotic bond with clownfish normally and in quite a few cases the clownfish will host in this coral. Will sting other corals within close proximity of itself. Hope this info helps :)

Contributed by Simon

Polyps contract at night, extending about 6 cm during daylight hours and fluoresce well under actinics. Has sweeper tentacles for feeding (which can harm adjacent corals) and will accept small, meaty fair placed among its extended polyps. Will appreciate a weekly feed in this manner. It can catch brine shrimp, etc, but can survive using its zooanthellae if receiving sufficient light.

Contributed by Steven young

A torch coral and frogspawn are not the same as a hammer. The hammer has the hammer at the end of the tentacle. Also the frogspawn is a lot less aggressive than the hammer. the hammer I have has a very defined skeleton with many knew branches forming.

Contributed by Daniel Davis

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