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Euphyllia divisia
Frogspawn Coral

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Frogspawn Coral - Euphyllia divisia (14kb)
Photo Credit: Valeen Gonzalez

I have 3 different frogspawns right now. All are beautiful and make a great addition to my reef tanks. True, they can pack a powerful sting, but one has to be cautious when placing any coral near another. I would recommend them to those who have enough lighting, (mine are all kept under power compact lighting) and keep their water quality high.

Contributed by Valeen Gonzalez

You can safely place a hammer and frogspawn together without them stinging one another. This is because they are in the same family. This might be useful to know when deciding where to place these two should you have them both.

Contributed by Andrew Richardson

I just bought one a week ago and it adds A LOT to the tank. The cleaner shrimp seems real interested in it. I took lots of care when placing this in the tank, but one of the heads took a day to open up. I was real scared at first. ;-)

Contributed by GV

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