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Euphyllia divisia
Frogspawn Coral

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Frogspawn Coral - Euphyllia divisia (29kb)
Photo Credit: Thiago Somera

Name: Euphyllia divisia
Care CurrentLighting
Origin: Indo-Pacific
Medium Low Medium


This beautiful coral forms a hard base but is primarily composed of soft bubble-tipped branches, very closely resembling it's namesake. It comes in two common varieties, brown and green. It is generally medium-maintenance, but will encroach on your other corals if not kept in check and it is growing very well. I have found that mine prefers a moderate water flow, but will close if it is very strong; it will also close up to a tiny fraction of its daytime size at night.

Contributed by Cecilia Chen

Frogspawn can be known as a bully in any reef tank there in. They are very beautiful and make a great centerpiece coral. They also pack a powerful sting which irritates and kills nearby coral. They seem to do best in a lower current enviroment, not no current just lower current. When placed in a high current there polyps never fully extend and flop around. Its a rather hardy coral and I recommend it for anybody with a correctly setup reef system. Just watch where you place him. Give him an inch or two in every direction.

Contributed by Philip Levanda

Frogspawn, being one of the hardiest and most beautiful LPS (large polyp stony) corals available to the hobbyist today, is a perfect choice for a reef tank. It's beautiful, easy to keep, and the branching varieties are easy to propagate. It can also serve as a surrogate host to numerous clownfish species, due to the fact it bares a striking resemblence to anemones. This coral requires a medium to high level of light and low to medium current, and occasional feedings of small peices of shrimp or brine and mysis shrimp can help this coral grow and prosper in any sized reef aquarium. So if you thinking about purchasing one of these corals for your reef, go ahead and enjoy this wonderful coral!

Contributed by Kevin Berrian

I have a frogspawn coral and it has tripled in size (if not more) in 2.5 years. A very good looking species, but watch your soft skin, it WILL get you!

Contributed by a visitor

This is a wonderful coral to keep in a reef enviroment. We have had ours for about 3 years and it is full and open everyday. There are many buds at the base of each head that are growing at a reasonably fast pase.

Contributed by Jordan Harris

I got 2 heads of branching frogspawn about 10 months ago. I now have 8 and more heads at the base of all the heads. I love this coral. I'm going to have to trade some in soon, it's gotten soooo big. It has stung me a couple of times right on my cuticle. It felt like a mosquito bite.

Contributed by Julia Edwards

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