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Clavularia sp.
Brown Star Polyp

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Brown Star Polyp - clavularia_brown1.jpg (13kb)
Photo Credit: Luiz Contesini

Name: Clavularia sp.
Origin: Indo-Pacific

Care Current Lighting
Easy Low Bright


Does well in a moderate, though not direct, flow and moderate light levels. No feeding necessary. Polyps contract overnight or when disturbed. Will occasionally capture small pieces of food. It is an attractive sight when its crown of polyps wave in the current, hence the common name, Waving Hand Polyps. Also known as Clove Polyps.

Contributed by Steven young

This thing grows fast. Fast as you will see it spread within a week. When I got my piece it had attached to a small stick. I laid it down on a piece of live rock. One week later it had already attached itself. The other great thing about this coral is that you can frag off minute piece and watch them grown. The only problem is that it can definitely out-compete hard corals, and could even grow over zooanthids. Overall this is a great coral.

Contributed by Deon Doxie

I agree on how fast it grows and looks nice when it is out. I glued a piece on the back wall of my tank, so it would cover my glass, looks nice when waving back and forth.

Contributed by Tim Johnson

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