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Cladiella sp.
Colt Coral, Finger Leather Coral

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Colt Coral - Cladiella sp. (29kb)
Photo Credit: Thiago Somera

Name: Cladiella sp.
Care CurrentLighting
Origin: Indo-Pacific
Easy Medium Medium


Good looking and very easy to care for soft coral. Generally good for beginners, but must be anchored on a good foundation for it to grow well. If loose and unattached, it will move out of almost every crevice you squeeze it into and crawl around the tank as a very unhappy coral! The colt does have photosynthetic symbiotic algae that live within it and will, like many corals, bleach if these algae die. The only way I've found of attaching the colt to rock, since water-safe glues and epoxies do not hold it for long, is a technique introduced to me last year of piercing the bottom trunk with a wooden toothpick and anchoring it firmly into live rock. The coral will initially not take kindly to being injured, but will grow around it and eventually establish a firm base and grow quite huge. Some people do not like the colt because it actually grows so large and so quickly once attached, it can block out light to other corals.

Contributed by Cecilia Chen

The Colt has to be the fastest growing captive coral there is. In fact, if you don't watch it, eventually it will find itself tangled in a powerhead. It can be propagated fairly easily by cutting off a chunk (close to the base) with a sharp razor blade and tying it to a piece of rock. Water movement is very important as it is reliant on it for its structure. I have read that cleaner shrimp (and other shrimp) will sever it and retrieve undigested food, and although I have not witnessed it, my cleaner shrimp has taken residence in my Colt and I am suspicious that this is occurring.

Contributed by Larry Mitchell

My Colt is one of my favorite corals in my tank. I recently moved it from it's spot near one powerhead to an area of lower flow and it is loving it. It stretches out beautifully every morning. When I first placed my Colt in the aquarium it decided to let go of it's original base. I used a rubber band to attach it to another piece of liverock and it's taken to it quite well.

Contributed by Brad Chymist

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