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Sarcophyton sp.
Leather Umbrella Coral

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Leather Umbrella Coral - Sarcophyton_umbrella_1.jpg (31kb)

Name: Sarcophyton sp.
Care CurrentLighting
Origin: Indo-Pacific
Easy Medium Medium


Leather corals are among the easiest to keep soft corals. They are known for their amazing growth in good conditions and for their ease of fragging. People have simply cut off the head of the leather coral and eventually were left with 2 leather corals. However, if you attempt to do this, it is recommended especially with large specimens to take them entirely out of the tank while you cut them, to avoid putting too much of their flesh/juices into the water. Also if you own a leather coral and notice it's not extending its polyps and seems to be shinier than normal, this is perfectly fine. Eventually this layer of mucus will come off and the coral will extend its polyps normally. Some leather corals do this more than others. I keep my leather coral in my 28 L nano reef, though this is unadvisable as most grow quite large and quickly. However mine has grown slowly under my current lighting, 3x15 Watt 6400 K energy saver lamps. Overall a good coral for beginners!

Contributed by Andrew Brown

I agree totally with Andrew, this coral is so simple to keep yet highly rewarding. My two Percula Clowns have also taken up residence in it and treat it like an anemone, after a few weeks of their constant brushing, the leather accepted them and they have been happy with each other ever since. Highly recommended

Contributed by Bailey

Leather corals are fairly easy to keep and, as soft corals, can often be found at chain pet stores. At these stores, employees are often lacking in experience, and the coral is likely to resemble a brown or purple hockey puck. As for conditions to keep, all I know for sure is that mine has flourished in a 100 liter marine tank under 65 Watts of 50/50 light, with medium current and no feeding/supplements. Good luck!

Contributed by Chris

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