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Author: Holger Windelov
Publisher: Tropica Aquarium Plants (1998)
Format: Spiral
Pages: 92

What was supposed to be just a catalogue given to me by my wife so I could choose some plants cultivated by Tropica turned out to be so well made, beautiful and loaded with the exact type and amount of information a hobbyist wants to know about each plant, that the catalog itself became one of my most important references on plants...which is meaningful considering I have almost all available titles regarding aquatic plants in my collection. There are 150 species listed in the catalog, and although the drawings and information are pretty much the same as what's available in Tropica's website and in the great little plastic tags they send with the plants, this book is really worth adding to your collection, especially if you're like me and enjoy taking a good reference book with you when shopping around the local stores for plants.

Contributed by Marcos Avila

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