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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Freshwater Aquariums

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Author: Mike Wickham
Publisher: Alpha Books (?)
Format: Paperback (?)
Pages: (?)

I bought this book a year ago, before I purchased my first aquarium. I live next to a huge bookstore and was able to browse all the available fish books on the market. I decided this was the most comprehensive, although it does lack good pictures. As for the advice/instructions: almost all of the information has been right on the money. I am even able to communicate with most of my more experienced fish friends (although they always laugh at me for reading a book for Idiot's). In the past year I have only had one problem from my setup: I had too much light. I bought the recommendation in the book, of two 20 W flourescent bulbs on my 75 liter tank for 10-12-14 hours per day, and I got a serious algae bloom. I reduced the amount of light to 8 hrs a day and the Algae went away, and my plants are doing fine. I am now moving to the next fish stage - a larger tank - and I find myself looking at Mike Wickham's advice yet again. Some other tips I found missing were: it lists a lot of fish but it doesn't systematically state if the fish is Upper, Middle, or Lower. And it lists all the plants, but it doesn't give any good advice as to where in the aquarium to plant them (which I found in another book).

Contributed by Eric Moore

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