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Author: Peter W. Scott
Publisher: DK Publications (1995)
Format: Hardcover, 25x27 cm.
Pages: 192

This is definitely one of my favorite books in my extensive aquarium library. It helped me immensely when I reached the point of going beyond a random salad of fishes and plants in my tanks. Featuring the superb graphic quality of Dorling Kindersley's Eyewitness Series at a surprisingly affordable price, this book is meant for beginner or experienced hobbyists who wish to give a more natural and harmonious appearance to their freshwater, brackish or marine aquariums. Besides the great chapters on Fish History and Biology, Tank and Water Management, Feeding, Breeding, Healthcare, etc, several chapters of the book focus on everything you need to recreate some specific natural underwater environments in your aquariums: Amazon Rain Forest Stream, Amazon Rain Forest Acid Pool, Zaire River Rapids, Southeast Asia Back-Water, Southeast Asia River, Papua New Guinea Sandy River, Central America Rocky Lake, East Africa Rocky Lake, West Africa Floodplain Swamp, Central America Coastal Stream, East Africa Mangrove Swamp, South Asia Estuary, Marine Community Aquarium, Hawaii Coral Reef, and British Rock Pool. Each of these chapters suggests tank sizes and filtration, tank decoration (gravel, rocks, driftwood), and appropriate plants & fish species for that environment. The entire setup process of each tank is also fully illustrated, as well as the final result. This book has served as reference and inspiration for many of the tanks dislayed here on this site.

Contributed by Marcos Avila

I've been a hobbyist since 1980 and I have over a dozen books about tropical aquarium fish at home, but this is my favorite. Being very particular about my tank's aquascaping, I find this book to be of great help in suggesting the perfect set up for my tank. The instructions are easy to follow as everything is pictured, from the set up to the materials/accessories/decors to be used and to the occupants-fish and plants. My tank condition improved greatly after I read this book. Now I don't have to worry about making decisions in which species is compatible with whom. Everything is right here up to the type of plants, equipments, rocks, gravels and other decorative materials suitable for my tank. My thanks to the author and photographer(s) for making my hobby so much more enjoyable and easier.

Contributed by Jerry Young

I bought this book because I loved the chapter where it names a biotope, gives you the proper fish and plants for it, and gives an example of a tank, and steps on how to build it. It does this for freshwater, brackish, and saltwater. It also gives you some history and care information on fish and tank equipment. I would definitely tell you to read this book, I enjoy it very much.

Contributed by Jessica U

My first proper fishkeeping book. I have to say, I honestly can't wait to try some of the biotopes listed in the book. This book covers pretty much all of the basics of how to set up certain biotopes, including decor, planting, and many various fish species to choose from. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in setting up natural-looking aquariums, and to fishkeepers in general.

Contributed by Caiti

I bought this book about 8 years ago and it's still the best I've read so far. From tank set up to plants to fishes, the author has made a comprehensive guide to creating the ideal environment for specific fishes. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants their money's worth in such a topic. For me, it's far better than Hiscock's Aquarium Design Inspired By Nature.

Contributed by Ross Ramirez

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