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Author: Dick Mills, Jerry Young
Publisher: DK Publishing (1993)
Format: Hardcover or Paperback, 15x22 cm.
Pages: 304

A very well written book for beginners and full of resources for the experienced aquarist. Info on tank set up and natural environments is easy to understand and it contains popular fish as well as a few rare fish and a few oddities. It was my first book on aquariums and it's helped me set up my two aquariums. Only downside is there's non-existant data on plants, but if you're ready to get a live planted aquarium then you should have a few other books anyways. I recommend this book to all, but it's a must for beginners.

Contributed by Ryne

I don't really like this book or recommend it because it lacks a lot of info on how to properly care for the species, i.e, diet, pH, water hardness, preferred tank size, special requirements, temperature, etc. I use this book but I don't rely on it too much.

Contributed by Mike Delgado

I don't really like this book much either. It has some general info such as max size, diet, and compatibility, but it doesn't really explain all this. Like for diet, it may say it's herbivorous, or carnivorous, but it does not explain if you should supplement the fish's diet if it prefers a certain food. Or for example, it labels certain fish as community fish, but does not go into detail that these fish may not like boisterous companions, or if that type of fish prefers to school/shoal with it's own kind. Also, the freshwater pictures aren't all that great. Most of the fish are faded, and a few have torn fins.

Contributed by Ali Choudhry

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