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101 Essential Tips: Aquarium Fish

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Author: Dick Mills, Deni Bown
Publisher: DK Publishing (1996)
Format: Paperback, 13x18 cm.
Pages: 69

I have recently recieved 101 essential tips as a gift. This book is full of basic information on fishkeeping and pretty good for anyone beginning the hobby. It also has some useful information on species. However, some of the tips are not that good, so you should inform anyone getting this book about which ones to follow. Some tips that I had a problem with are: goldfish don't need a heater, limited information on filters, recommending driftwood and shells even though they might have a negative effect on water chemistry, and the tip which I didn't like was the one of acclimating. It said that you should wait 10-15 minutes with the bag inside the aquarium (which is a good tip) but then stated you should just put the fish in without other proper acclimation. Othewise this guide is great and any negative tips should not be a problem, as any problems with fish should be solved by talking to another hobbyist. I would recommend this one for beginners!

Contributed by Andrew Sienko

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