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Author: Barry James
Publisher: Tetra Press (1991)
Format: Hardcover, 12x22 cm.
Pages: 118

This is an excellent introductory book for anyone interested in learning how to successfully grow aquatic plants in their tanks. The book begins with descriptions and illustrations of everything that may be important to this goal, such as water chemistry, lighting, substrate, aquascaping, etc. After that there is a listing with nice color pictures and info on about 60 of the most commonly available plant species. There's a total of 135 photos and illustrations.

Contributed by Marcos Avila

I found this book to be quite informative, from explanations to why I have certain types of algae to propagating various species of plants (as well as trimming methods). Barry James (author) has visited many fresh water fish habitats and has included simple recipes (including water and general habitat conditions) for various biotopes. Also inside is an informed plant index. This book is a good piece of reference material.

Contributed by Kurt Kindermann

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